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    Marcos Cosmos

    Hence, the law will find you innocent on the basis that you did everything in your power, and they havent explicitly banned SMP. Silly, you dont understand the law :p
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    Daniel Heppner

    If someone gets thrown in jail for hosting a multiplayer server, I'm going to laugh. I have a lot of friends who play on my server who are < 13 and I'm certainly not about to kick them off.
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    I started running the test version of this plugin and it needs lots of work but it is doing its job it has stopped 35 players already. I think this will be okay I am actually going to call the FDC today to find out if that would comply with coopa.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Reiterating whats been said on this page. Your hilarious. Dude. When they ask WHY AREN'T YOU ENFORCING WHITELISTING INSTEAD? And you recognise my post about it. That Will Make My Day. Your frantically trying to save your ass, but if you thought about why and were actually trying to look out for th3 kidd responsibly, you'd be using whitelisting and then you could require foeum tegistration, which could very easily have written consent via modification of the signup agreement. All of which could be setup in an hour, cost you nothing via sites like forumotion. Your not even legit, your just scared.

    I retract my earlier idea. This plugin is a stupid and cheap idea. Could be used if you want your server to not need anti-cyrsing and sfw kind of rules. But for its original purpose its as morally sound as a sponge is waterproof.

    The kids*, sorry hard to make posts via phone x.x

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    COPPA applies in two cases per the FTC:
    • If you operate a commercial Web site or an online service directed to children under 13 that collects personal information from children
    • If you operate a general audience Web site and have actual knowledge that you are collecting personal information from children
    you must comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

    Clearly, a minecraft server is general audience, and not specifically directed to children under 13.

    The Forums of your server however are subject to COPPA, but you still need to have actual knowledge. (covered with the required date of birth field)

    Now, if you want to be fully in the clear, provide a Privacy Policy on your forum which contains a section regarding Children, for example:

    In a worst case scenario, a minecraft server can be seen as part of the chatbox of your website (which is subject to COPPA) which means you still need to have actual knowledge.

    Also, note that certain uses of personal information are exempt from COPPA, including uses that are required to comply with COPPA. (example: date of birth for age verification.)

    Example of guidelines: http://www.truste.org/docs/How_to_Comply_with_COPPA.doc (DOC)
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    Hello, I am a web developer and I have read the COPPA. (unless this has changed since I last read it) I believe it counts towards websites that are presenting themselves to American children. Sure, the FTC does state that this law is enacted in other countries, but only if you are targeting users in America (or knowingly accept information from Americans). Now, every site should have a 13+ clause to protect themselves, however do I believe that the FTC is going to shut down your minecraft server? no... they have more important things to worry about. I am guessing that is why Mojang hasn't set up that 13+ clause, because they are based in Sweden and are not specifically targeting American children. (however I think they should set one up just to protect themselves.) but like @Celeixen stated, you can't win...unless your willing to delete every single user that is under 13 from your records.

    Plus, you 'technically' record data from everyone accessing if you have a website, servers record all kinds of data.

    I personally believe the COPPA should be removed (or altered)....impedes progress.

    Great idea, always good to be safe.. but I think it's a little much.

    edit: OH and one more thing, I believe the FTC counts a transaction on the site as permission to collect data, I mean.. A child isn't going to have a credit card on hand, they'll have to come running to their mommy or daddy to buy their game.
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  7. Why? Is america godlike? No... So their right isn't the worlds right. All mojang has to care about are swedish and international rights, and I think they do that... ;)
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    Why has this turned into an argument over the laws?

    All he wanted is a plugin made, there's no reason to discuss why he shouldn't use it; and you shouldn't care why as long as he gets what he wants and it makes him happy.

    I'm a web designer/developer, and recently had a client come to me and want me to convert this absolute crappy MyBB theme into a simple HTML/CSS one for him. I could look at and tell it was horrible - but didn't object. I made it for him, and he was happy with it.

    They may have personal reasons for wanting something, and instead of arguing about it, you shouldn't really care about anything except making it for them.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    As a golden rule, especially for those of you who actually make money from this absolutely, I'm just a teen, who got p/o when I saw him scaring other people unreasonably, but anyway, your quite right, thanks :p
  10. Because he want's this cause of his interpretion of the laws? :p
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    Dude, take a chill pill. If you have nothing polite to post, post nothing at all.
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    I know I used to have to fake my age...
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    Marcos Cosmos

    If you read my next post (not counting the correction), I would think you might noticed I had already taken a chill pill? o.o but regardless, understood, @Pvtoneill my apologies for being so vulgar, and @Phaedrus thank you, I suppose xD

    What are the implications of an infraction anyway? :confused:
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    If you get multiple infractions you get banned. I've been handing them out a lot lately. Must be a full moon or change of season or hormones or something.
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    @Phaedrus Hate to intrude, but how many infractions implement ban and is their anyway to have infractions revoked? Also, do infractions expire? (I have been wondering these questions for quite some time and they seam rather on topic)
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Heh, I'd say seasonal hormones, I kinda surprised myself in that post, I for some reason took offence to the request o.e Edit: additionally, I almost took what you said to mean you were in a mood *headdesk* @.@, I mean just wow, something ain't right with me at the moment xD..

    Heh, maybe it's end-of-year exam stress :oops:

    But oh well. Is there any particular significance to the points or is an individual assessment made when a ban is given? :p

    @dbizzzle yeah, there seems to be no info page or discussion... I mean, discussion I understand but I expected Some formal info :confused:
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    Then every single website ever would be taken down, as web servers log IP addresses.
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    Doesn't apply to servers run outside the US, correct? Also would people REALLY put their real age, I don't think they will because I personally haven't before :p

    Personally, I don't think this is best, all you can do is say "No one under 13 is allowed to register/join the server", if they do, it's not your fault, you had a legal disclaimed waiving responsibility.
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    Nope, an IP address is not personally identifiable information of a child under 13

    In case they fake their age, you don't know they're under 13, therefor COPPA doesn't apply.
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    Does that work if someone hands them the link to the server?
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    The law is very plain with these kind of things, the legal loopholes that usually apply are, if you put on your rules/terms of use/terms of service page that no one under 13 can use the server, then you hold no legal responsibility for their violating the rules.
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    Well not too good on laws, but someone could have just guessed the address (given its a domain and not an ip-address; or well ip works too, just harder to guess) or seen them on some serverlist or something? I mean they never saw any disclaimer, nor were linked to one
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    Um... what if the server host IS under 13?
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    uhh the law is the problem
    and avoiding the breakage of the law is what this discussion is about
    doesn't seem backward to me

    Then he's guilty of collecting his own information and goes to jail lmao america
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    Marcos Cosmos

    The law is clear, and was misunderstood by the requester, it's actually perfectly safe as long as you aren't doing it intentionally, besides this plugin isn't nearly as safe as a disclaimer & license agreement on a whitelisting forum, + personally, I'd rather not have interact with the creeps, but yeah, I was being half-sarcastic with the comment you quoted, because I know the law is the problem, but I knew that is was being misunderstood, so I made a crude joke of it. Shouldn't have, but yeah.
  26. Then he's not the hoster as a person under 13 is not allowed to sign the contracts needed (be it for a real server, a VPS or just the internet connection for a homeserver). So the guy who signed this contracts is the hoster, most likely one of his parents. But I'm not sure if it isn't illegal to give the child full access to that...
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    Let just say that we'd rather people never had to find out what the limits were.
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