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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Pvtoneill, Sep 17, 2011.

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    With the FDC's crackdown on minecraft server's and forum's I strongly believe that we need a plugin like this. For those who don't know It is illegal to to have children under 13 on your server and collect or obtain personal information from them with out verbal/written parental consent. Meaning if their real name is their username or their first or last name is on it you are breaking the law with out doing anything. Server owner's need protection from this. For more info click the link.

    Here is my idea
    When you join for a server for the first time before you can move/talk/do anything you have to type /age #. If you are under a certain age you get (local) banned from the server. And you could set the age restriction by typing /ager #
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    You know a plugin like this will be ineffective right? Kids these days are getting smarter, and they will probably put a fake age.
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    Hey, I'll gladly do this, should be fairly easy, I'll get started asap! :)

    EDIT: @Technius has a point actually... But if you still want it making, please say ^^ and add me on Skype : ben.s657
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    If the child enters a fake age, then at least you have some deny-ability, I doubt this sort of thing would ever really create a legal problem for you, but it's admirable that you are taking these steps, goodjob!
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    Yeah, something like this should be easy to make.
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    Thank you Ben657 Something like this has needed to be done along time ago to protect servers. and quizdonkey your absolutely right if a kid lie's about his age it is his fualt not the servers. So in that sense it would be up to standards with the FDC's guidelines. Plus if people want to make an 18 or 21+ server they could do that with this plugin.
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    This would be effective for probably like 1% of people. Everyone fakes their age.
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    yes but it will protect you server from the FTC. If they lie about their age than its the kids fault not yours. but for 18 + or 21 + servers people will obviously lie about to join to see what its all about.
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    "Federal Trade Commission, protecting America's consumers"

    I'm in the UK, but my server is located in America. Where does it say about a crackdown on Minecraft servers?
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    Because kids 13 and younger have been giving out information on minecraft server forums and in game. Lets say a kid is 12 and you don't ask him any information and his username is johndoe2001 you know his first and last name and when he was born. Some country's in Europe are also watching minecraft servers due to pedo's going on minecraft now days.

    In my server empire-mc we ban any child who is 13 and younger on spot we just do not want the risk. Also I use MyBB forums and they added an option that blocks the user's ip if they try to join under the age of 13. There are lots of children out there playing this game as all server owners know. There also is tons of older guys anywhere from 30-40's that play minecraft. Server's need to be carefull that they dont have that mix.

    I have ton's of friends 16-28 who play on my server last i need or anyone else needs is some government stepping in and saying your endangering kids.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    question. Why is it illegal to have under 13s on your server without written consent? Why would legal responsibility land on you? I would think their having minecraft constitutes as consent. as you as a server admin have no inherent obligation to restrtict who joins, so long as your server isn't open for cracked clients.

    Seriously, I don't see how responsibility for this doesn't fall back on Mojang..

    Unless you Have some sort of third part agreement in place for your specific server, legal responsibility to notice this stuff would naturally fall upon the distributor of the software wouldn't it? and thereby be covered by their license agreement..

    Not saying this is a bad idea but I really think your paranoid here..
  12. BTW: When the player joins with the name johndoe2001 this event get's logged -> information collected. When you then ban him -> logged again. So you have to prevent under 13 years old users to join your server at all, but wait, the age is personal information, so asking for -> collecting information... :D
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    I am fine with children playing on servers but not when it put me the server owner at risk if anything ever happened. I got this quote from the link above.
    "COPPA applies to websites or online services that are “directed to children.”

    Minecraft is directed to children if you are able to show that it is not directed to children such as an age restriction you should be okay.
  14. Simply write something like "for +13 players only" in the motd... ;)
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Again, paranoia. If it wasn't legal, the blame would fall on mojang for facilitation. we are not expected to even know of those rules, we're consumers just as the other players are.
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    Daniel Heppner

    This is an opinion.
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    Minecraft has scary monsters: Zombies, Creepers, Ghasts, Endermen... it's obviously not intended for children. :D
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    @Pvtoneill heres the first version, it all works well for me, although i've only been able to test it on my own, but here you go! :) http://dl.dropbox.com/u/895569/Plugins-Bukkit/VerifAge/VerifAge.jar just follow the instructions when you log in ^^

    EDIT: ill make a bukkit dev page for it soon, dont have time now though :p
    EDIT: actually ive totally forgotten to stop them doing anything -. - dont have time now, off to college, ill do it when i get back :)
  19. That is simple, he is the owner of an minecraft server and thats hes responsebilty, even tho its an Mojang product!

    How would the world be, if everyone owns stuff but blame the product developer for things that happens illigial whit it? If an 13 year old kid plays SINGEL player its Mojangs Resposebilty! But, the server is owned by him, not Mojang! Mojang cant tell him what to do or not, its becuase its his, and everything that you own, is your resposebility! You cant blame the car company if you crash in to someone! Its the same, you do something illiagel whit the product from the car company, but its your resposnebility!

    Paranoid? He is smart, clever to be right! This plugin is awsome, and if you dont like it, i suggest you keep it for yourself, rather then pointing out what he is or not!

    That doesnt make the plugin un-usfull! If someone uses fake age, their breaking a SERIOSLY law! So, this plugin works 100%!

    I think this is awsome, and very adult of you! :) dont care what the others say! :)
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    Thanks so much @ben657 YOU ROCK MAN!! This plugin should be essential in bukkit. And @Marrius thank you for your support in backing me up. This is a very serious thing that saves server owners with pluasable deny-abilty if a 13 or younger is online.
    For any server owners reading this I strongly suggest you get this plugin to protect your server
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Nonono, I mean, the responsibility for their age would be covered by the game purchase. As in, it constitutes consent.. If it doesn't Mojang should be responsible, and then change it in the contract. I'm not saying its a bad plugin, I'm saying that minecraft servers are all verified by minecraft.net, as is every login, therefore, Mojang tracks it before any admin. How does Mojang not have the necessary responsiblity?

    Every online game that doesn't have strict censorship has an notice for the chance that gaming experience may change with online play, despite many games being hosted peer-to-peer, like cod, so. its like saying that activision isn't responsible for cod! when in fact, it very much is. servers not using online mode, and therefore not necessarily having users login through minecraft.net, then you have a problem.. but minecraft should IMO have a consent form covering this risk, it's not fair on admins to be at risk without being provided with solutions...
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    It's good to see not only german politicians go batshit-crazy when it comes to internet services.

    When I initially started writing this comment I thought "wow, that's funny", but after a few words I realized that this is actually pretty sad.

    Marcos does have a point there. The only way to get the Minecraft client (legally) is by means that aren't (legally) attainable by children. This implies consent by the parents when they use their paypal account with associated credit/debit card to purchase the game.
    Then again I'm (fortunately) not a lawyer, different laws apply for different countries.

    Then (I got this from a german lawyer) there is the problem that the server owner might live in country A, the server is running in country B and the player has connected from country C. There are currently no internationally binding agreements about which laws would apply to the situation.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Mhm, but again, how can the server owner be held responsible if not provided with a solution? Our hands are currently tied. (we can already waver responsibility but thats it.

    Again. I stress I'm not saying this plugin is a bad idea, but mate @Pvtoneill, you need to calm the hell down. You could always put in a disclaimer message through existing plugins to say if your under 13 gtfo. then you'd be covered. by all means, someone make this plugin. But please don't do it because your hysterical about a loophole in the law. the law the law works is that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, so even if a landmark case comes against you, the law will need to fill the hole before you, as a defendant can be punished. CHILL OUT it's not gunna land you in jail, btw personally I'd be more partial to a plugin that could keep anyone over 25 out of my server than some under 13s, I mean, why are we focusing on herding the innocent rather than the actual problem? the plugin is a fine idea but you people are god damn backward :l

    The plugin is fine. But it's a bandaid solution.
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    yes but if you are allowing 13 and under are you going to call or email there parents for permission BEFORE they enter your server required by law. No your not and i doubt anyone would I know I wouldn't that's why there needs to be a way to block them.

    I am not an ageist freak trying to keep out the little kiddy's server's need protection. Such as Mid-guard (Europe) they blocked anyone 13 and under becuase they where getting in trouble by their country's police and where forced to do something about it.

    Currently minecraft.net does not require an age for an account so that allows 13 and younger to join a smp servers when they are really just selling the ssp to them. Mojang doesn't ask they just sell a product. They do not host servers so they are perfectly fine in a legal stand point.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Under what law, and why haven't they gone to mojang about it? mojang should at least have it posted if its important ._.
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    What about a message upon joining for the first time in your server?
    "By playing on this server you accept that bla bla, read more one somewebsite.com"
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Thats what I suggested, and it can be done, you couuld restrict build rights..
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    Began reading upwards after I posted [brickblock] :confused:<- doh
    Anyway, the disclaimer is simple, not annoying (no commands required, you accept by starting to play) and it has to be - the - most - simple - plugin ever. If you are afraid of being sued, I suggest you use this, but just not in the form of "FFF#$%@#$% OFF IF U R <= 13" :)
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    Marcos Cosmos

    @Pvtoneill if you really wanna be safe, setup a forum and use whitelisting, much safer than a silly plugin >_>
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    GOD DAMMIT! we can't win no matter what :(
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