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    Plugin category : Server administration.

    Suggested name : Not relevant.

    A bit about me : I'm Boelens, experienced server administrator and currently working on a (big) server project, which needs a tiny custom plugin.

    What I want : Well, basicly switching between two worlds, of course we have multiworld for that. But what I want, is that everytime you log in, you spawn in a given spawn and you get a message like : "Hello, "name" are you here for PVP or building? Type /pvp or /building." And if you type PVP, you go to the PVP world and building to the building world, and you'd get teleported there. Basicly what I want this for is because I'll host two types on one server, my small clan, and a other type, city roleplay. And I want the choice on what you want to play on at login. I hope it's clear.

    Ideas for commands:
    /setspawnbegin (something like that, for when you have not made a choice yet.)
    /world2 (for the world switching of course)

    And I guess a configuration file for the worlds and message.

    Ideas for permissions :
    /setspawnbegin for OP's.

    I thank any developer that wants to help me, because I honestly am not sure if this is extremely hard, or easy to make. Thanks in advance.

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    I dont know i can try but i cant promis!
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    Um so what does it do?
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    Did you even read this whole post?
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    Ya it confused me :/
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    Asks you wich "server" you want to join at start, then connects you to the world you choose. (on the same server of course)
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    Awesome! Can't wait to see it ;)
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    I should be able to do it for you too. Want me to start doing it or do you want to wait for xBlackSheepx?
    Also, got a name for the plugin as I'm no good at thinking of names lol
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    Done :) It was just finished yesterday but I was to lazy to upload it xD So here it is :D
    It's name is WorldSwitch. You can set the JoinMessage in the Config or also disable with setting it to false :)
    So just install the jar, run it and go ingame and type /ws setup

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    ATTENTION : this doesn't supports GroupManager! Use PEX or another Superperm-Plugin ;)

    (For meaning of the commands type /ws help)
    /ws help - no perms
    /ws setspawnbegin - worldswitch.setspawnbegin
    /ws spawnbegin - worldswitch.spawnbegin
    /ws setup - worldswitch.setup
    /ws list - no perms
    /ws <World> - worldswitch.world
    /ws setworldlobby - worldswitch.setworldlobby

    Hope this will help you :)

    Oh I forgot, here are the Color-Codes (Sry if I spelled something wrong I'm from Germany :D)

    §0 = Black
    §1 = Dark Blue
    §2 = Dark Green
    §3 = Dark Aqua
    §4 = Dark Red
    §5 = Purple
    §6 = Gold
    §7 = Grey
    §8 = Dark Grey
    §9 = Indigo
    §a = Bright Green
    §b = Aqua
    §c = Red
    §d = Pink
    §e = Yellow
    §f = White

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    Oh I think I get it wrong -.- Do you mean every time someone loggs in or just for the first time?
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    Thanks! I'll test it soon!

    EDIT : First time.

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