[REQ] A logger that does not spam the chat/console

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by bergerkiller, Aug 12, 2011.

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    I know lots of loggers exist, but I need one that is very (damn) basic and does not message anything (not a log file, not the console, not the ingame chat, not the only OPs). What I want it to do is the following:
    Why? It is hard to separate the builder from the griefer. Say one one day someone builds a house and he leaves. Two hours later you see lots of cobblestone on the roof. Who did it? Standard loggers only log the use of lava, etc. This is hardly ever used for griefing material, since it is easy to restore. (//replace). This, for once, could be a logger that is actually USEFUL.

    I can go and develop this myself (easy) but I got other things on my list too.
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    Would this possibly what you are looking for? Not so sure how well it works, I have not tested it.
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    @Kohle that is 50% of the plugin. Did you see that log? And it is not even readable for admins/ops ingame. I need it to display the information of a single block when clicking on it. For example, this would be the output:
    Etc. The last two should actually be written like this:
    I don't need a long log. It can be used for storage, but it is optional. It is better to use a raw data format, since it loads faster. (pure byte (compressed) data, perhaps NBTCompounds)


    Some maximum amount of logged information and/or maximum amount of logged info per block and/or one line per player would be key.

    EDIT 2

    And keep it low-cpu. For example. World bounds (x/z) are never higher than 255^2. This means you only need 2 + 2 + 1 = 5 bytes to store the information of a coordinate. This could store:
    (so try to convert the coordinates to an integer, 255 ^ 4 = 4228250625 of information. 128 for Y, remainder can be used for z and x (no one starts building at 20000 x)
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    I remember buxville used to have a plugin where when you right clicked with a gold axe/pickaxe it showed you such information. I can't remember the plugin they used though
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    Did you see Datalog(I use) or big brother?
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    I did not suggest BigBrother because it does a lot more then what bergerkiller looking for.
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    Ah so they do exist, thanks. Hope they are not too heavy for every-day servers, but I guess not. I'll look into Big brother a bit more since it is very well documented. :)
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    Daniel Heppner

    I suggest LogBlock.
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    LogBlock is pretty good - I'm also working on a branch of BananaProtect to do this sort of thing.
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    LogBlock is perfect for this - the output is exactly like you said (well, it also includes the date when each change happened, but otherwise it's the same)

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