[REQ] A Few Small Plugins That Would Be Very Helpful

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    As part of a server that has recently switched from hey0 to bukkit, we all miss some of the small details that made it great, so I have a little requests for any plugin developer who wants to:

    A /clearinventory command that clears all inventory slots except the armor slots

    When you use /i in the General Plugin to give a player something, make a "Gift Given" notification when you send something to someone. (More likely something to ask the plugin developer directly but whatever)

    A simple, customizable super pickaxe mode that respects all protection, spawn protection and bedrock so that it can be used by moderators as an anti-grief tool as well as a perk for being nice and being promoted to moderator :)

    I don't know if this would be a server mod or a client mod, but Maybe a mod that stops wheat from being trampled when walked on.

    Very quick tree growth e.g 2-3 irl minutes.

    STOP LEAF DECAY, I, as well as many other people who build with leaves, hate it so that would be appreciated.

    A command that gives infinite health, a very easy mod to make. (Not that I could make it:)

    I don't know if this is even possible, but a plugin that limits the complexity or a Redstone circuit or that detects if a Redstone circuit is causing lag to the server and terminates it.

    A plugin that shows what has been placed on a sign when it is placed anywhere in the map by anyone.

    I think thats all!

    Again, any developer who wants to do some slavery for the minecraft community is welcome to do all of these, 1 of them, any, or none of them.

    Thank you in advance for looking!


    BUMP, I really hate bumping, but these topics get out of sight so quickly :O

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    Instant leaf decay, like the Leaf Dropper plugin, could also be very useful. Id love to see apples fall from trees again. For the redstone thing, it should put charge calculations on a low priority, meaning it would wait a little to process gates and such.
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    I just tried do make a plugin that stops leaf decay but it's not exactly working and I suspect it's something that's wrong with bukkit.
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    ClearInventory, named ClrInventory -

    Bukkit - 53
    CraftBukkit - 73

    Ask for Source if wanted, pretty simple though.

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    AFAIK, all you would have to do is hook a BlockListener onto LeavesDecayEvent and use setCancelled(), although your listener would need to be high enough priority to override any other plugins you have that might uncancel the event. And, of course, it may be that LeavesDecayEvent isn't implemented yet, but it's worth testing :p.
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    Yah i figured it out, I was using onLeafDecay instead of onLeavesDecay.
    Packaging it up right now...

    Here it is!

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    Ahh didn't know people still had interest in leafdropper :p ill port it over real quick and add in the ability to turn it off while I am at it.
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    BUMP, give anti leaf decay mod
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    Now that sounds too fun to pass up. I'll be looking into this, got an idea that should work. Not on the lag part, but at least complexity.
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    As for a plugin that gives invincibilty, if you want a plugin that does that for admins/mods/ops, try AdminCmd, Essentials, or even WorldGuard (if I remember correctly).

    If you just want a plugin where players don't take damage (as to make the server more like a creative server, I'm guessing), there might be something like that as well around here. If you cannot find it, I'll make it for you. Very easy to do.

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