Filled Replace Breaked Block for Bedrock

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Anerak, Jan 27, 2015.

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    Plugin category: World Editing and Management

    Suggested name: Auto-Replace for Breaked Block.

    What I want: I search a plugin that replace a instantly any breaked block to bedrock. Like Annihilation mines, instead of
    cobblestone [cobble], to bedrock [bedrock]
    Example: You break a cobblestone [cobble] block and you obtain the cobblestone block and the breaked block is replaced for bedrock [bedrock].
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    Thanks. I test the plugin, but...Maybe I can't made my request fine.

    I think it:

    After you break the block:
    Note: Maybe my bad english is the problem :p

    I search that the plugin applies in all block of the world that I choose.
    Sorry for the hard work.

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    Okay, you want it to only do this block to bedrock thing in world's that you define?

    I can try to update it and get back to you later today.
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    Yes, but applied to all the blocks (if I can add blocks to the config, I add the blocks for myself ;) )
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    Okay. I managed to take some time and actually test the plugin!

    The plugin should now replace ANY block broken with bedrock. The plugin also checks if the player is in one of the "Enabled-Worlds" in the config. You can define which worlds you want the blocks to change to bedrock after being broken. By default, all three worlds (normal, nether, end) are enabled.

    Please let me know if you have any other issues/concerns with the plugin.

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    Thanks you, I want a test it ;)

    Other problems...When a player break a block in a protected region, the block is replaced for bedrock. And the item is not dropped :/

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    @Anerak if you tested it and it is work, please mark this thread as filled ASAP.
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    Okay, wasn't too sure that you wanted it drop the block. I'll have to throw a hook into Worldguard to prevent protected blocks from being changed. I'll try to finish it up tomorrow, bit busy tonight.
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