Repeating Redstone Pause

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  1. I'm not sure if I've missed a plugin that will solve my problem, but could someone help?
    Redstone circuits that repeat will pause when a player exits the chunk or the area, when another player enters, he will find that the redstone circuit will be in a static state and will not repeat the current. Is there a way to run redstone in the background so the circuit will repeat? Or is it simply too much memory to hold?
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    When i was a n00b at redstone, i had no idea how to do redstone repeaters,so i created my own, better version! (not sure if it's known)
    You use a minecraft trail,lots of powered rails,and one detector rail to send the signal (the minecraft will be moving in circles)
  3. Ah the minecart pauses too everytime a player leaves the area. The minecart tracks will also take up too much space. Thanks for the reply though.

    I've found a solution. If you use the Wireless Redstone plugin you could set the transmittrers and receivers with signs.Whenever a player enters, the sign(when powered) will turn into a Redstone torch making it repeat itself.

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