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    I've got two plugin ideas, but zero coding knowledge. Are these two ideas even possible?

    1. The first is a rental plugin, similar to SimpleRegionMarket but with additional limits and a simplified interface. Rental signs can be assigned to a specific type of rental, and can have limits such as requiring a shop to purchase a warehouse. Additionally, WorldGuard's snapshot feature is used to create/backup rented properties. More details available here.

    2. The second is an auction plugin, but linked to WorldGuard regions. Players can only bid inside a specified zone. Additionally, bidding is simplified via using an auction chest to sell batches of items for a single bid (instead of selling single item types). More details here.
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    Its 100% possible. Just people need to know how to hook into world guard :p
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    On a scale of 1/10, how difficult would a plugin like this be to code?
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    For me it would not be difficult. It will just take a bit of time.

    Depends on the skill of the programmer..
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    1. World Edit is working on that i know but i have no clue when it will be released.

    2. there is lots of auction plugins out there.
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    iAuction's Rob4001 and I (the maker of floAuction) are working on something similar to #2 in the OP.

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