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    Removed. Any responses this thread has are not relevant.
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    Mathias Eklund

    arena handling, team managing, inventory managing, teleportation, protection, inventory restoration system, prizes, point system. Thats some features you might consider. :)
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    I may be able to help, I've never made an API, but I might be able to learn. I know how to do the arenas, teams, and most of the other stuff that was listed above. Add me on skype if you're interested: berttowne.
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    some time ago, I worked on something similar. The project was able to:
    • Game Procedure
      • Map<Condition, Runnable>
      • Easily add a condition and to the Map and iterate over it each tick.
      • If Condition returns TRUE, run Runnable
      • This is you game loop.
    • Player Managment
      • Manage status of player. (Playing, etc)
      • Manage class of player (Wizard, Monk, etc.)
      • Inventory-management to easily switch between classes
      • Manage attributes of players (Team-Leader, Effects..)
    • Map Management
      • Add spherical, cuboid, cylindrical maps
      • Manage teleportation
      • Manage POI locations
    • Full Event-control
      • It might be senseful to cancel all events
      • Opt-In events, if wished to prevent bugs
    • Anti-Cheating
    • Item Manager
      • Add custom Items
      • Add abilities to items
    • Config
    • Command Management
    This is a short overview.. If you wish, I'll give you my source.. But I think you want to do it by yourself ;) Have fun^^
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