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  2. First of all, kinda bad indentation, this is no way of providing code examples.

    Secondly, it's kinda incomplete... it looks like a random chunk of codes.

    Make up your mind, equals() or '==' ? Both of your conditions are enum comparison.

    Invalid YML syntax, you'll cause headaches to people trying to fix that...

    Using inexistent variables which again causes problems for people that have no idea what the code is asking of them.

    Players can have higher or lower max health than 20, any plugin can change that, use getMaxHealth().

    Apart from the message being completly vague because as a reader you have no idea which plugin sent that... it's also sent in extra, Bukkit already sends proper plugihn enable/disable messages.

    And you want people to guess what 'freeze' is ? If they could do that they wouldn't be reading this.

    Simple and broken, because by the looks of 'fly' it seems to be a single local field that is basically shared by all users...

    Invalid event, weird logic too.

    ... so... yeah, you should stick to learning.
  3. Digi I don't see how the plugin.yml is incorrect, works for me .-.
    Also yeah, i'm still learning, but most of these should work, I've already tested all of them out, also I fixed a few things, thanks, i'll try to fix everything up
  4. facepalm
    YAML is a whitespace language, indentation is critical.

    And if you're aware that you're still learning... why do you make tutorials ?
    You're not really helping if you provide bad examples, beginers won't know the diference and they'll get errors or silent issues and that would discourage them.
  5. Yeah, kay, thanks.
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    Digi you ruined his hopes and dreams :(
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  7. SE Plugins
    Well, as his avatar said, "you're doing it wrong", in general you need to fully understand what you're typing there if you're going to explain it to other people, 'just works' is never enough in programming :p It needs to work properly and with no direct flaws.

    By the way, you should start with indentation... easiest way is to let the IDE do it for you, pick a style or customize it and use it ! In Eclipse it's Ctrl+Shift+F to apply code format for current file, I don't know for other IDEs.
    This helps you and anyone else read your code easier, which benefits you expecially if you're asking for help.
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