Removed Lore's Of Effected Items

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by DeadSpark143, Dec 26, 2019.

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    I recently found a plugin which add effect to items so when we equip them we get that effect (AIE)

    It Gives A Bad Looking Lore To items Effected


    I just want the lore to be removed and keep the items lore as empty
    but keeping all the features as same
    If The plugin work in way like affecting by reading the lore and giving the player those effects them it would be nice if the lores be replaced with something good like

    Infused With Haste

    Instead of


    Want As Soon As Possible !
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    @DeadSpark143 You say that you found the plugin, does that mean you ask as a server owner or as a plugin developer?
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    He said he found the plugin but, this is the Plugin Development forum so, i thought i'd ask in case he wanted to edit that plugin as a developer.
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    Yea, if this is a plugin you are using from a third party you'd want to engage the developer to do that. Otherwise, you'd have to make another plugin to monitor and adjust items from the other. That's a janky way to approach it.
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    Yeah I found means I got it while exploring bukkit plugins

    @Irantwomiles Thanks for helping out I will go through the code and make it somehow
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