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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by mmuziek, Dec 20, 2011.

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    as for now i see a Lot of people using all kinds of plugins for a webshop.
    so i found BuyCraft wich is very good. but then blocks the user and ask money for a webstore
    so i kept searching for a webshop because i want a webshop... not a ingame /buy 1 for example no
    just though my site pointed to a webshop.
    finally i found one but is inactive and dead..
    so i started thinking and started my own script for webshops
    so i started and now i'm working on it.

    but i still need help.
    i'm searching for a plugin coder who wants to join my team and make a plugin.
    he/she can reply here or send me an PM.
    or just reply with suggestions for this project!

    (ps. no offense for any other plugin or service for a webstore.)

    things i have in mind :
    Products page. < showing list of products with images and information aswell as the buy button
    welcome page < welcome ur visitors
    Server Page < show information about ur server
    Fail page < page if a payment failes
    Success page < thank the user if they paid and give them instructions.
    ADMIN panel < create / remove products set welcome and server page text. aswell as ur paypal for payments. no IPN change needed..

    server is gonna use a Redeem plugin i think. and HTTPconsole. for sending commands. after correct payment.

    any suggestions?
  2. A £3.50 one off payment for Buycraft is extremely cheap compared to web hostings costs you would normally pay if you were to setup your own webstore. Your actually saving a lot of money going with Buycraft, but your choice! You also dont need to use /buy, just use the web store if you wanted.
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    i told that in my topic. but u still have to pay converted its almost 5 euros in exchange for a prehosted script with no images to ur products advertising from buycraft and more. i dont mind its a good service but i want a WEBSHOP not a internal webshop with them. and i want it without having to pay 5 euros. and i want it with images for my products. and i want an title and description. not only a discription. so. mabe its just me mabe i want to much i just ask for what everywebshop has . XD

    well anyways. suggestions are always welcome
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  4. I completely understand your views and we are actually improving our webstore. I dont mind sending you a free premium code for you to try it out if wanted!
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    lol are u buying me of?
    well. sure i will try ur premium.

    and what that payment means. is that i dont have any money for it. i live on my own must pay the bills with an income lower then 500 euros. that means 200 for that insurance and 150 to that one. and then 50 for my food and then another 88 for my scooter. and such. i just ound it and win 1 eu a month for myself XD
    thats why i make this on my own. because i have the skills.

    BTW my username is [email protected]

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  6. Send me a private message and I will get back to you when im at home.
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