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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Raepheles, Sep 8, 2015.

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    I'm looking for simple plugin which removes the heart icons instead adds text Health: 20 / 20

    The reason I want this is that there are items that modify health and players' health can even be 100. And it keeps showing 10 hearts which is hard to see your health. There are ways to increase number of hearts to match the max health but then it looks ugly. Text is way better.

    For configuration not much is needed. But these might be cool: Position of the text, size of the text, color of the text. It would be better if I can change text color in config file as however I want. For instance" &cHealth&f: &a%ch&f/&a%mh". %ch and %mh stands for current health, max health. As for the position of the text it can be choosable between certain spots such as above the exp bar to the left (where hearts were) or right up corner, right down corner etc.
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    That's not really possible with just a plugin. Plugins only run server size, so the most that could be done for this would give each player a scoreboard on the right of the screen showing them their health
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    That would be enough I guess.

    That is not what I am asking for. It displays other players' health on top of them. I am already using a mod for that. I want players to see their own health.
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    I've done some research and your request is probably impossible to achieve only with server-side bukkit plugin, you need some client-side stuff to modify user interface.
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    I am using cauldron so it is not problem. Should I go to forge forums to request something like this?
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