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    Im searching for a plugin that removes floating trees after a while or sends a message to the player who chopped the lower part of this tree.

    For Example:

    UserA destroys the lowest parts of a tree and walks away.
    The Plugin reminds him after maybe 5 minutes that he please should chop the tree completely (a teleport to the tree would be great)
    If UserA ignores that Message he will be send to jail for a few minutes or cant move until he accepts the teleport, if he ignores even that he gets kicked.

    These trees are really annoying and i dont want to use a plugin that let them act like cacti.

    Hope you guys can help me

    (im german so please ignore the grammar and mistakes, or better tell me where they are so im able to learn from them ;) )
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    This is not a bad idea.
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    There are actually plugins out there that essentially "fell" a tree when the lowest block is chopped. All of the higher wood blocks are dropped as items.
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    That's not what he wants... that's the cacti effect.
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    Im using Jobs on my Server. If the trees fall like cacti, the user doesnt have to do much work anymore to earn the money. And he could sell a lot more logs to the shop, without even chop them.

    It doesnt have to be a plugin with teleports and jails etc. if that too complex. A simple message and tree removing after a few minutes are perfect too.
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    Noone interested?
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    no to complicate...block break event --> if blockabove is log --> player sendmessage(get the rest down) or sth like that (sry dont got any time at the moment, just give ideas=)
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