Remove fireball explosion and firespread?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by paalbra, Jul 28, 2011.

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    I'm trying to learn how to create plugins(Totaly new to it) and right now i'm trying to remove the explosion and firespread when a fireball hits something, but i can't make the firespread go away.

    I first thought that i just could cancel the explode event, but it still spreads fire. Then i tried to falsify the incendiary option, but no go. What can i do about this?

    This is part of my code with block damage properly removed, but not firespread:
    public void onEntityExplode(EntityExplodeEvent event) {
        Entity ent = event.getEntity();
    if (ent instanceof Fireball) {
            ((Fireball) ent).setIsIncendiary(false);
    I'm running craftbukkit v.1000 with no other plugins. Just my tiny "testing and learning plugin"(As i said: i'm new to this).
  2. You almost have it. But I don't know if you need access to the fireball before it hit's a target. Where does the ball come from?
    Anyway, this is from a plugin I'm currently working on:
    In that case the fireball is created right before:
    Fireball fireball = block.getWorld().spawn(start, Fireball.class);
    fireball.setDirection(new Vector(0,5,0));
    The yield should stop explosion/fire completely. If you want a big bam try to set it to a high value... But you can easyily destoy large areas of a map with such balls. You have been warned. ;)

    //EDIT: Of course the ball burns and I don't know if that fire will spread, but that's contolled by the fireTicks. Set them to 0 and you should have a non-fire-fireball...
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    It entered my mind that i might have to do it before. But this fireball is spawned by a normal ghast, and i can't find any events that triggers when a ghast fires a fireball. How can i get the fireball entity while in flight/when spawned?

    And i though that the fire around the ball was just a visual effect, but if it's not i could set the fireTicks to 0, as you say :)

    Thanks for the reply
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    That should work, also set incediary to false, and use a block break event to recover exploded blocks rather than cancelling entity_explode

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    Hm? This doesn't help because the fireball has hit something already and caused fire?
    Why not simply cancel the event rather than recovering all the blocks?
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    Well I havent tried but It seems logical to me, have you tried the simplest form of entity explode?, also there is a chance it maybe under PROJECTILE_HIT
  7. Good question, I didn't had a look into something similar before,
    Maybe onItemSpawn or onCreatureSpawn can be used?
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    Try using ExplosionPrime rather than EntityExplode.
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    Ok. I've now tested more and i do think i've managed to accomplish what i wanted. What i wanted is:
    * Creepers shouldn't do block damage, but they should damage players.
    * Ghast should fire fireballs, but the fireball shouldn't do block damage, nor should it make blocks turn on fire.
    These methods fixes this:
    public void onEntityExplode(EntityExplodeEvent event) {
    	Entity ent = event.getEntity();
    	if (ent instanceof Creeper || ent instanceof Fireball) {
    		event.setCancelled(true); //Removes block damage
    public void onExplosionPrime(ExplosionPrimeEvent event) {
    	event.setFire(false); //Only really needed for fireballs
    	Entity ent = event.getEntity();
    	if (ent instanceof Fireball)
    		event.setRadius(2); //Increased from default(1), since the fireball now don't cause fire
    I find it kind of odd that the setCancelled removes the block damage, but not playerdamage. But since this is what i want it's all good :) But if anybody know why this is, please explain :)

    Thanks for all the inputs on this :)
  10. Maybe you have to cancel onEntityInteract for no player damage, too?
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    There seem to be called an EntityDamageEvent that damages the player if you are in the radius of the explosion. I guess you could cancel this event or sett the damage to 0, but i want the player to be damaged, so i'm not gonna try it out. If anybody else feel like trying this out, please tell us what you find out :)

    But i find it kinda odd that this event is triggered. Shouldn't one believe that this event builds upon the EntityExplodeEvent, and therefore also would be canceled?
  12. And if so: How would you cancel block damage or player damage, then? You could only cancel block+player damage and never finish your plugin. :D

    //EDIT: But entityDamage whould prevent you from getting health changes if you eat something o get hitted fom another event when the exploison happens! That's why I was thinking about onEntityInteract or something which traces the explosion back to the fireball. ;)
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