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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by stuffe, Dec 19, 2011.

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    Hi all,
    I registered just to ask this one question. My son had a Bukkit server (latest version) running on this PC, so we have full access to the console etc. The only plugins are Worldedit 5.0, Commend Book 1.7 and PermissionsBukkit 1.2.
    The server is just used by a dozen or so school friends, and everything is fine, all users are OP, no issues with griefing or such like. I have only 1 issue. Sometimes the kids get happy banning each other - as 12 year olds do...
    Please can someone explain how, whether using permissions or whatever, I can prevent any user from issuing a ban command except for straight from the console? I just don't understand the whole user/group/node things at all, it seems great for big servers but overkill for this little hobby one.
    Thanks ;)
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    You can use the bukkit.yml to redefine commands - this should do the trick for what you want.
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    You could also just de-op them. Bukkit gives all OPs some basic commands including "/ban". Don't tell them about "/kick". :p
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    @hotelmanager - rather let them keep ops, but thanks for suggestion
    @TnT - can you show me how to do this please? If I could rename ban to be bann and kick to be kickk or something it would be a godsend.

    I tried the bukkit.yml redefine, but it just adds a new alias, it doesn't rename it. I put bannn: ban into it, and both ban and bannn work now. I need to remove access to ban, and kick, via whatever method is simplest. I have console access to ban and kick, and don't want any user including ops to have them

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    Read here:

    Should just be able to add this line under aliases:
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    Sorry, no beans - it doesn't remove the ban command, just adds a new alias to it without removing the old one.
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    Deop them, then with a permissions plugin give them the bukkit.command.[commandgoeshere] permissions you need.
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    Is it not easier to remove the 2 commands that I don't want, than add the several doxen that they do want? Is there really no simple way to do this? I'm not a regular minecraft player, so I don't know it in that much detail, I'm just wanting to do this to stop the arguments over banning :/ I've tried including the commandbook.bans.ban: false lines in all sorts of yml files, it just isn't clearly explained how I can configure this anywhere :(
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    Hmm, I thought you could completely redefine all commands that way.

    I know this is not what you wish to go for, but if you can't redefine in the bukkit.yml, you might have to go for a permissions plugin.

    Alternatively, enforce the bans. Tell them that if they ban someone, they'll also get banned and the ban will not be lifted for 24 hours. This will take some extra work (banning the person who issued the ban) but I imagine it would calm them down quite a bit.

    I'm surprised they haven't started issuing the '/stop' command as a prank.
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    OK, well I'm trying with the permissionsbukkit and commandbook. I've set a group called mods, set a user into that group, and given it the command commandbook.give, but I'm unable to give myself anything. I'm sure the yml is correct in terms of errors. Basically I set the following:
    commandbukkit config.yml - no changes
    permissionsbukkit - config.yml - as follows:
    server.mod: true
    - mods
    server.basics: true
    server.admin: true
    - user
    server.mod: true
    commandbook.bans.ban: false
    commandbook.give: true
    - user
    permissions: true
    commandbook.bans.ban: false
    coolplugin.item: true
    - default
    build: '&cYou do not have permission to build here.'
    No joy. I'm happy to create a new mod group, and put everyone in it, and manually enter the commands from the commandbook list minus the ban ones if it would work, but this initial test by givign me the give command failed.
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    If you still have trouble with this issue, I wouldn't mind putting a small plugin together for you. It's easy and quick to make. I could just make it so if a player whom is op issues a ban or kick command, the event is set to null.
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    edit the global group file
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    PermissionsBukkit, is rather easy, its just open in Notepad++, space 4 times, type permission... under the group you want.
    //offtopic -- Royal_Soda I like SLAMP, thanks Soda ;3
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    No problem-o! I'll be updating to the latest build very soon. I got a new comp, so I lost the src. But no worries, the old version works! :)
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