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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by gameguy27, Jun 4, 2011.

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    I was building a giant structure in the middle of a desert. It was also surrounded by a nice body of water, I build a dock for boats and whatnot. I pause my game to make me some food, about 20 minutes later, waters covered in ice and my structure is covered in snow.

    I basically want a plugin that either removes these blocks right away or doesn't allow them to be placed.
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    i want a plugin like that too!
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    ThreeDGuy I steal plugins as my own

    I will think about it :D
  4. So you dont want to disable Weather but dont want snow to cover an Area with snow?
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    Exactly. No ice either. :3
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    is anyone going to take the task to create such a plugin?
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    Try the commands /thaw in WorldEdit by sk89q. It removes snow and ice in an area that you can define. You can also simulate Snow Cover by using /snow. :)
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    While I tried that, the ice and snow keep coming back.
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    we dont want snow or ice to even appear at all, i constantly have to use /thaw
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    I have the same issue, its filling up the entire world
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    we need a plugin and would greatly appreciate one like that
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    I'd love a plugin like this!
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    use the noice plugin stops ice from forming but you will still have to thaw
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    lihnk to noice plugin?
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    go to the GetPlugins link and search for "noice".

    I use WeatherRestrictions to modify the weather on my world. It is supposed to also control snow and ice accumulation, too. I don't use that feature, but I can tell you that the rest of the plugin works really well.
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    Greylocke i love you :D

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