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    Lord Cuddles

    Plugin category
    Fixes, I guess :3

    Suggested name
    EnchantRemoval, or perhaps NoEnchants

    What I want
    I would like this plugin to automatically remove all enchantments on an item if the player left or right clicks it and tries to use it. I would like it to retain the durability when the enchantment gets removed.
    I would like the plugin to inform the user by sending a message to them when it's removed, and I'd like it to be customizable if possible, and support colour codes.

    I have searched bukkit dev for a plugin like this and have not come up with anything that fits my needs that works on 1.6.4, so any input would be appreciated :3

    Ideas for commands
    No commands would be needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions
    noenchants.bypass - Bypass the restriction and allow the use of enchantments. I would not like this defaulted to OPs though, just by permission, or perhaps this could be configurable in the config file, but that wouldn't be very important :p

    When I'd like it by
    As soon as convenient!
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    Okay so to get this straight:
    You want a plugin that removes all the enchants on an item whenever they left or right click and sends them a configurable message?
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    Lord Cuddles

    Yeah, that is correct.

    Alternatively it could remove the enchantments when they pick up the item instead.

    Thanks for replying so quickly!
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