Reminder: Bukkit is following a new release system.

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Mar 15, 2012.

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    As announced back on the 16th of Februrary, 2012: Bukkit is now following a new release system that enables us to better cater to the countless various types of Server Admins out there. This new system allows us to provide those of you who want quicker updates with new Beta releases, while still providing those of you who would like peace of mind when updating your server with well tested Recommended Build releases. As a result, we ask that plugin developers, game server providers and everyone else please move to supporting the various cycles of our new release system so that we may fully utilise the usefulness and potential this new system provides us with.

    What is the difference between a Beta Build and a Recommended Build?
    A Beta Build:
    • Has not been thoroughly tested, so may contain minor bugs.
    • May have incomplete features.
    • May have incomplete API.
    • With the exception of the first Beta Build promoted after a Minecraft update is released, Beta Builds are generally stable enough to run a production server on.
    • While we try our best to address all major issues we're aware of before promoting a Beta Build, there is no way we can be aware of all issues before they are discovered.
    • Is promoted more often than a Recommended Build.
    • Will be promoted if we find issues in a previous Beta Build.
    A Beta Build has not gone through our usual extensive testing, may have incomplete features and API and is mostly provided for those individuals who just want to update to the latest Minecraft and don't need plugins that utilise anything new the Minecraft update provides. Beta Builds are generally quite stable, and thus can be run on a production server, but may have minor issues due to our not putting them through our extreme testing regimen. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to be completely aware of every single bug before they are discovered, so we can't completely ensure that any build we release is free of issues, but we do try our best. If we discover any unaddressed issues in the beta, we may end up promoting another one. Betas also are naturally promoted more frequently than Recommended Builds, based on the speed of development. Furthermore, when a Minecraft update comes out, we will promote a beta build as soon as we have a compatible build that compiles for those of you who want to help us test. We highly recommended against using this first Beta Build to run a production server.

    A Recommended Build:
    • Has been extensively and thoroughly tested, so should not contain any major or minor bugs. However, we can't provide any guarantees as there is no possible way for us to be aware of all issues before they are discovered.
    • Has complete features.
    • Has complete API.
    • However, may not have all the API or features to cover what is added by a Minecraft update.
    • Is naturally promoted after several Beta Builds have been promoted.
    • Will be promoted if we find issues in a previous Recommended Build.
    A Recommended Build has gone through extensive testing and should not have any known issues. These builds are for Server Admins who want peace of mind when updating their server to the latest Minecraft update. We'll do our best to ensure that Recommended Builds only have completed features and completed API before being promoted, though we cannot ensure that a Recommended Build will have all the API needed to fully utilise newly added features in a Minecraft update. Although we go through great pains to ensure that these builds will not cause any issues, we highly advise you test them on a test server before deploying to production. Recommended Builds are naturally promoted after several Beta Builds have been promoted, and thus are promoted less frequently than Beta Builds.

    If you are a plugin developer, we advise you to keep on top of Beta builds at the very least, if you are not already keeping on top of development builds. Though Betas and Recommended Builds are somewhat separated, it is highly unlikely that the API will change between them unless we deem it absolutely necessary. As such, you can safely develop against Beta Builds and still be preparing for Recommended Builds at the same time.

    If you are a game server provider, we ask that you provide support for both the Beta and Recommended Builds we provide as they are usually both stable enough to run on production, with the exception of the first Beta Build we promote as that is primarily just a compatibility build for people to help test and find bugs.

    This new system was designed and implemented to better serve the Minecraft community and provide plugin developers and game server providers with a more predictable, stable schedule to work with.
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    Error report: I've noticed chunk regeneration, wiping out entire cities. Not every chunk though, only selectively, it seems.:(
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    Just ban them?
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    That's more of a plugin request. Lucky for you, I've already created such plugins :)
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  6. Did i understand your plugin correctly: You set time, example the default 60 seconds, and within those 60 seconds only one person can login, right? And it removed login/logout messages?

    Sorry my english is bad :)
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    No, it will announce the changes every 60 seconds, and no other messages.

    Unrelated to the purpose of this plugin.

    Either way, let's chat about that elsewhere :p
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    The good news for your (rightful) critisism: Bukkit is not being 'sponsored' by Mojang, the top of the bukkit team is hired as employees. That means updates will be near instantanious in the future, since the vanilla server will be plugin-friendly.

    (Do be aware that plugins will still be able to break if they are forced to change the API, though it's being redesigned from ground up now (again), which is cause for good hopes.)

    Too bad other great programmers like Aforess, sk89q and a dozen more whos names I can't come up with now don't get the chance to work on the official MC 1.3.

    Other 1.3 ramble
    Show Spoiler

    I fully expect 1.3 to be a MASSIVE shift in power from client -> server, and that the 1.3 server will include some basic form of plugin capabilities. Preferable in such a way so they can continue to release server updates 1.3.1++ that will continue to be compatible with client 1.3. And even if they break compatibility, they can patch the client as well...
  9. The Recommended Builds for 1.1 were broken and caused a lot of problems. I don't get what the core difference is between a Beta and Recommended build. Both of them aren't final and both of them have minor/major bugs.
    For me it's just a a way to make Recommended Builds more recommendable than they currently are.
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    grreeeeeaaat \o/
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    Yeah thanks I am just really desperate so I get all off my plugins up to date so I dont have to keep coming on the bukkit website and downloading things until the next minecraft update. :p
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    I am strugling with this also each release I need quickly inform people to not update their client because the client refuses to work with oldver versions of the server. Which I might add is frustraiting why can it not be backward compatiable? Or the application include the engine for the previous version.

    I also agree with a comment made by someone else earlier that the majority addon developers have not been updating for the beta versions making a beta pointless in my view I dont even use the next release until I have had enough updates from the key addons I want to see running on my server.

    That said is it possible to have a R7 release of 1.1 which will accept 1.2.3 clients while the team at Bukket ready themselves for the next release it does make life difficult otherwise. I have worked with a few people now showing how to roll back their client and any new members have to wait weeks/months before they are able to join the server because they dont have a roll back point to goto. I have also read somewhere downloading old versions is very much frowned uppon... so I am caught in the corner, which is instantly resolved if the new client worked with a server which is running the last release of bukkit. Then I dont care if you take 2 months I like others will not be left with a server which is loosing numbers because I dont have a team of crack programmers with that maintain all my own modifications and very much rely on the bukkit comminties awesome efforts.


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    Thanks, this cleared many things up for me and others.
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    Is there going to be a 1.2.3 RB before 1.2.4 comes out from Mojang????

    Will 1.2.4 fix the mobs through walls glitchiness????
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    Oh, why don't people read? :(

    (side-note: The server I moderate has been using a 1.2.3 beta build for a while with no major issues.)
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    Well, I have, I've read that Bukkit will likely have an RB (based on history) two weeks before the next version comes out. Jeb_ thinks (as viewed on twitter) that 1.2.4 might be ready to come out next week. This means that historically a 1.2.3 RB should have come out last week (of course this is garbage since they were in the USA last week). And it seems that there is significant lag in getting a RB for bukkit for version to version of the vanilla.

    Don't get me wrong, I understand the need for this lag, testing and making sure the API is complete, so I'm not complaining about the lag.

    My real drive behind the questions I've asked is I'm tired of mobs glitching through walls on SMP. I play, almost entirely on SMP since I can play from any computer I like and everything is stored on the server (apart from my client mods). Saying this, If a 1.2.4 version fixes the mob glitching, then I can try to persuade my server operator to run the new version ( >= beta r.01) to free me of the insanity.

    Oh, and RE the use of the bukkit beta, did you not read of the reluctance of the plugin developers to support the beta releases?
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    I always ask my players if they want to switch to a new version quickly, or wait to stable build of the server and plugins. They always say - do it as fast as possible, even if there are bugs.
    I run my server using beta builds and often of plugins. Ofc. there are bugs, you have to watch on the logs, switch the plugins - there are many of them doing same or similar things. It is much work ofc, but it is my job as a server op.
    At the moment CB and plugins are pretty stable, I don't see problems. The bugs are mostly caused by fresh plugins, but these 'matured' are mostly safe even in dev.builds.
    But I wonder that the work on CB is pretty slow now. It looks like bukkit team is working on minecraft itself, but not on CB, if I correctly understood what jeb_ said on twitter.
    Is it mean that Craftbukkit is dead end road?
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    have the new update come?
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    maybe that first beta should be called an alpha build? probably add to the confusion though :p
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    You could call it an uber build for all it matters. A rose by any other name still smells as sweet.
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    Don Redhorse

    nope... at least this is what the bukkit team will say...
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    Its no where near as dead as the horse that keeps getting beaten on this topic.

    I see EvilSeph and the Bleeding folks coding like crazy, so take that as you will.
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    xx_insanity_xx <--- why don't you try taking a look here... seems they aren't planning a fix for mobs till 1.3
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    Don Redhorse

    I replied to: Is it mean that Craftbukkit is dead end road?

    and up to now I haven't seen anybody stepping up and saying... welll I / we will replace the 4 members of the bukkit team going to mojang.

    which means IF nobody steps up bukkit will cease to exist... and you just confirmed what I said...

    nope... at least this is what the bukkit team will say...

    but you fail to give us an alternative.

    I totally agree on the first part of the sentence... where is the rest of the team though?
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    Hi EvilSeph,
    Just wondering when is the release date for the new Recommended Build?
    Thanks - Alfie [gold]
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    minecraft 1.2.4 just came out :(
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    minecraft 1.2.4 is out. please release new craftbukkit cause its now saying server outdated when i try to connect to my 1.2.3 servers.
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    ...Did you try clicking the button that dismisses it? I don't know the exact wording, but it's there.
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    Damn, 1.2.4 is out, is there any date when the bukkit server also can be updated to 1.4.2?
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    also the github site is in place of the jenkin sight. can you please just come out and say that the jenkins site is down and not forword us there its really anoying.
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    Um..... Well. I had no idea, so thank you. The Close X doesn't appear unless you mouse over the blue box, and my eyes weren't sharp enough to notice. Thanks for the tip.
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