[Remake] RPGItems Recoded!

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    Plugin category: Roleplay, Fun, Mechanics

    Suggested name: RPGItems Recoded

    What I want: RPGItems a Famous plugin that allows you to make custom items, give them effects and crafting recipes. With the owner officially abandoning the project, it was left with a ton of bugs. I love this plugin and still use it, but believe it should have had a far longer life span than it has currently. If anyone could pick up this project, expand it... make it better than it already is... fix the bugs, I would more than love them.
    If you don't with to spend that much time for a public plugin that you have to fix yourself, I would be happy to point out some bugs, you fix them and I pay whatever little money that I have.
    If you DO wish to spend that much time for a public plugin that you have you fix and innovate yourself, I can still help you out with some bugs considering I use this plugins on my server; hydropvp.org currently.

    Ideas for commands: http://thinkofdeath.github.io/RPG-Items/eo_UY.html Along with a few others like /rpgitem reload that isnt added.

    Ideas for permissions: rpgitem.use.{ITEM}

    When I'd like it by: Anytime! Anywhere! Anything! Even some bug fixes would help!
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    I use this plugin too and would love for it to be updated/fixed

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