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    Before starting I'd like to say that I'm spanish, so if I make a grammar mistake forgive me.
    My idea is about a plugin that tells you, when you died, how many hearts left has the person who killed you. And also when you kill somebody, it tells you, what is the name of the person who have you killed.

    Ex1. Huahwi kills me: HUAHWI HAS KILLED YOU WITH 6.5 HEARTS
    Ex2. I killed Huahwi: YOU HAVE KILLED HUAHWI

    Of course this message will be only sent to you and nobody else could see them.
    I don't know if there is an existing plugin that tells you that but I was looking for this for a long time and I could not find anything.

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    Thank You soo much. Ask me if you want a rank in my future server. <3

    Unfortunately the plugin doesn't run in our server (1.7.2) and it doesn't create a configurable folder :S

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    OmegaGamerYT apologies its not working for you but I just tried it out with a 1.7.2 Bukkit server and all is working. Doesn't show any compile errors as well, I have no idea whats wrong?

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