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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by ryanhamshire, Mar 23, 2012.

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    I'm very put-off by the complete lack of any rating system for plugins on the site. It's silly that every time a plugin gets an update, no matter what a piece of garbage it might be, it goes directly to the top of the list for its category. Frequent updates does imply quality plugin. When I have a problem I need to solve, it's tedious and frustrating to have to go through pages and pages of trash before I finally find something possibly worth downloading and trying out.

    Some websites, like PlanetMinecraft and YouTube, have a simple "up only" or "up or down" voting system. Those systems don't work because both are opt-in, and the second is abusable by raging emo teens who vote down for reasons having nothing to do with the project itself.

    I suggest that Bukkit track repeat downloaders in addition to up-only voting. Some will actually take the time to up-vote. For the rest, I think it's very reasonable to assume that a registered user who downloads a plugin and then comes back later to get an updated version of that plugin thinks it's worthwhile, so that should be treated as an implicit up vote, which could be explicitly retracted later if the plugin goes downhill.

    If we had a ratings system, we could update the browsing/searching per category experience to prioritize very popular plugins first, followed by a mix of less well rated and brand new plugins. Please consider it! We shouldn't have to page through 15 "TNT disabler" plugins to find a decent anti grief solution, or 30 half-ass, spammy chat systems to find the few good ones.
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    Yeah, I agree. I check out at the all the plugins on the whole page everyday, and some of them don't have files. Others are just cheap plugins like TNT removers. It's kinda sad that I work hard on an update and then release it at night, just to have it on the third page during the morning.
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    I agree. I have been voting in favor of a Rating system for as long as others want it.
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    I kind of like the current one.
    However one built in would be nice
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