[RELEASED] bPermissions 1.4.5 MySQL edition

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by codename_B, Sep 10, 2011.

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    So it's bPermissions, only 20% more complicated?
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    No, its just as simple as bPermissions has always been - it's just for those people who insist on using MySQL because they think they get some benefit from it.
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    MySQL is just easier to deal with if you have it interface with your website. Its much easier to do a query("UPATE users SET group = "VIP" where username ="fffizzz"), then a fopen, search and replace, and rewrite.
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    Very cool +1 to this.
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    Why do you need to make a thread every time your somewhat forced plugin gets an update? Can you keep it in one thread like everyone else does?
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    Where are more information about that? I updating our server at the moment and was interested in that, but i don't know how bPermissions then works.

    • Where i can define the Default-Group?
    • How to create the different groups?
    • And how it works now with the hierarchy (Supporter has automatic all nodes from member, member has automatic all nodes from guest)
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    For sql: you don't define the default group - the default group is "default"

    For flatfile: the default group is whatever you specify in the config.

    You don't "create" groups since groups are just an arbitrary set of permissions, if you want a group to appear in the config file you need to add some substance to it, so add a permission nodes to it. Hence adding a node to a group will create the group if it does not exist.

    There is no heirarchy as such - what we have instead is an infinitely flexible multigroup system, allowing you to assing multiple groups (aka sets of permission nodes) to people, inheritance is gone.
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    Here is my config.yml:
        port: '3306'
        username: msahminecraft
        hostname: localhost
        password: xxx
        database: msahminecraft
        global-command: global
        world-command: world
        add-node: addnode
        list-node: lsnode
        add-group: addgroup
        local-command: local
        remove-node: rmnode
        list-group: lsgroup
        remove-group: rmgroup
    permission-type: sql
    override-player: false
    I start my server with this config file and I get this error in the console:
    bPermissions[MySQL] Error in SQL query: Table msahminecraft.world-1_users doesn't exist

    I cant see the SQL command for the tables.

    Someone have the SQL command for me please ?
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    using what version of bPermissions?
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    As a quick fix, just create the table manually. Use HeidiSQL ^.=.^
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    Sorry, but i have not the SQL Command for this tables.
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