Reintroducing Curse Account Association

Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by lukegb, Jun 7, 2012.

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    Curse Account Association has now been reactivated, but any users who previously had accounts associated will need to reassociate them.

    The account association control panel can be found or by hovering over your username in the top-right hand corner of the forums, then clicking "Curse Account Association".

    At the moment, you will need to log in with your Bukkit forums username and password again on the webpage that appears, but I hope to be able to resolve this soon.

    Once this is done, just follow the instructions on the association page to get your accounts linked up again.

    To reiterate, at the moment, this association will only mean that on your forums post, a " profile" section will appear, linking to your profile on, and a "My Plugins" section will become available on your profile. This section will list all the plugins in the server mods section that you are listed as a contributor for.

    If you're having issues with getting your account associated, please reply to this topic.
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    Fantastic! Nice work Luke!
    I know we're all glad to see the return of association.
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    Deleted user

    That sucks :c.
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    Did rewards ever get up and running?
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    Eh, it's not too hard to reassociate it.
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    Sooo, small issue, not sure if this is on purpose or not but when you post a message on a thread, your profile part will now show up until you reload the page.
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    Very nice job!
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    Good news :) Why was it disabled for so long ?
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    Great work, nice to have back :)
    /me wonders if he should respond to the 99 pm's he got asking where it went.
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    Hooray! It has returned. :D
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    Yay! I've tried to do it for a bit but I kept getting errors, and now it works :D
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    Hooray :)
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    We had to lock lukegb away in a small room, with nothing except the love this community has for him to sustain him, in order to get this back up and running.
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    Ah, so you DID kidnap him after all!
    Who's next? Dinnerbone perhaps?
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    No, Dinnerbone's got important Minecraft stuff to work on. Last I heard he was deep in an underwater research facility, waxing poetic about why a creeper needs to creep. I'm pretty sure Grum is wrestling alligators in the Florida Bayou, working on building up his stamina for the next Minecon.*

    Luckily (for me anyways, not so much for him), lukegb is not so far out of my reach.

    *These events are loosely based off a true story, with a Hollywood twist.
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    *Cough* What he means to say is mbaxter

    We've got some interrogation to do and he's just the man to do it to
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    Yea, kidnap him too :D
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    Who's going to kidnap the kidnappers?
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    the page seems a bit overloaded or down...
    403 Forbidden

    Edit (22p.m. GMT+2)
    Works for me now!
    The part that is loaded from your server is very slow, but it works :)
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    Should be faster now. The association is quite slow because it has to pull data from when you ask it to, so expect slowness there! ;)
  21. Yay! Just associated my accounts! :) Works like a charm.
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    Using curse makes me want to die.
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    Can you provide feedback we can address as to why its so terrible you want to die? You must have some reason.
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    Nothing you can fix, for starters, they lost my username "Kainzo" and I can't retrieve it no matter what I do. Several attempts emailing them with zero response, so I'm forced to use the username LordKainzo for Curse.

    On a different note, they put their hands in places no one really wants them to be. Not the issue at hand though.

    TnT you do a fine job and I'm not discrediting your ability :)
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    If you have tangible suggestions (even if you don't think we can fix them) we can definitely speak with Curse about them, they are generally very receptive to community suggestions when they are brought up up... But just saying they make you want to die doesn't help us, you, or them :/
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    Sadly mine does not work :\

    Internal Server Error
    The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the application.
    Ill try again in a few hours but the association thing has never worked for me.
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    It worked for me before. Then for some reason it stopped working (same time as new curse bar) and then I got the same error when I tried again. >.<
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    Same thing here !
  29. I can confirm this is happening for me too.
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    I'm a premium member yet I still see that crap ad at the top.... Just about ready to stop using curse-branded websites until they get their act together.
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