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    Merrick King

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    Plug-In: Regions Auto Commands

    My Server: Im currently trying to set up my own server, with both creative and survival regions, controlled with World Guard. In the creative regions, anything goes. However, i'm trying to run an economy in the survival regions.

    About the Plug-in: Because im running jobs with my economy, i dont want people going into creative and getting lots of jobs experience, so i want to be able to fire them when they leave the survival regions. However, it would also be useful to other people if the plug-in could run any command, and not just fire people. It would work by simply running a series of commands (as a server command, similar to server command signs) on the player either when they leave or enter a region (set either with World Guard or World Edit.

    Config: Possibly in a YML?
    "command string"
    /jobs fire %player%
    '/any other commands'
    '/more commands'

    Commands: Something simple like '/region-command exit example' and '/region-command enter example2' (alias /rc?) Then just some commands for adding/taking away command lists.

    Permissions: These should only really be allowed for ops and/or server owners (or highest group)

    Hopefully, somebody can make this as soon as possible, but i'm not too bothered because at the moment my server isn't quite working. I'd be interested to see what people think of this idea though, because it has hundreds of other uses outside what i need it for :)
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    Il bump this. Having WorldGuard be able to run commands on entry/exit of a region would be a HUGE increase in the possibilities of WorldGuard. I think adding a flag entry-command and exit-command would be easy enough.

    EDIT: Obviously these would be admin/op only, as well as be run by the console and not the triggering player. However, adding a {Player} tag in the command should allow that command to be run on the player.

    Id just like to be able to have a minigame that people can do once a day, and once they do it, they will be added to the ignore list and not be allowed to enter again
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    I completly agree. Your should maybe try contact the dev of WorldGuard:)
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