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    i am looking for a plugin that will detect a player inside a region and teleport them out of that region after a predetermined ammount of time.

    aplications for this would be a regenerating payload mine with plentiful resources that regenerate after the player leaves. so after events like spleef tournaments the winner is teleported to this mine with an iron pick and has only so long to grab what he can befor he is teleported out.

    all i need is the ability to define a region and make it so the player in that region is teleported after being in there for X amount of time.

    i did look to see if anything like this existed but nothing of the sort came up with the teleport field and time keyword so apologies if it is already out there.
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    I think TaxFreeRegion could be the plugin that you need.
    You can define regions (or use world gurad regions), execute commands when the player enters/leaves, change permissions and it has also some nice inventory management features.

    Go to BukkitDev for information about the plugin and the configuration:

    I have added a feature for delayed commands in the current version 1.4-dev. Download it here:

    My suggested configuration for you:
        - store
        - clear
        - restore
        - reward     
    - c:give %name% 257
    - d300: p:home (there is a space between : and p to avoid the simlie)
    "d300: p:home" - wait 300 seconds before executing the command "home" in the player's context after he entered the region. - This feature is not documented on the BukkitDev page - at the moment it is only in the dev build and it has'n been tested very well. EDIT: 1.4 is already released & the feature is documented.

    For the explanation of the other parameters, see BukkitDev.

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