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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by obit8, Dec 1, 2012.

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    Hi guys, i'm working on this from a week.

    I need to set a region, inside the safezone, where people can break block. This because i need to create the Miner event.

    This is what i've done:
    - Select a regione with WE.
    - Use WorldGuard to create the region "miner"
    - Set the priority of Miner at 1 (safezone is 0)
    Until this step all is ok, i have my region in "regions.yml", with right selection and right priority.

    Now, to make possible, for all people, to break blocks i've tryed

    1- Execute command /region miner flag construct. I can't see the flag in regions.yml. I i put it manually form notepad++ nothing work anyway, people still can't break block in that region.

    2- So, after that, i try to add owner at the region with command /region miner addowner g:cittadino. In groups line, on regions.yml, i can see now the groups cittadino as owner, but anyway, people in group cittadino can't break block.

    3- At the end, i've tryed to set miner region like parent of safezone, also because miner is INSIDE safezone, but anyway, nothing change.

    I've read wiki of WE, wiki of WorldGuard but i don't know what else try.

    My server run Bukkit 1.4.4 Ro.1
    Worldguard and Worldedit are update at latest version (update made this morning).
    Please give me some help.
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