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    Minecraft version: 1.14.4

    Suggested name: RegionDenyExit

    What I want:
    I've tried doing the commands to deny exit for certain groups via groupmanager/worldguard and it just wont work, its also quite frustrating. So i'd like to request a plugin that can easily deny a certain groups exit from a region, essentially keeping them trapped in the region.

    Ideas for commands:
    /RegionExit [Region] Deny [Group]

    [This should deny the groupmanager groups exit permission from the region]
    /RegionExit WCCamp Deny WCKit
    [Denies WCKits permission to exit the region]

    /RegionExit [Region] Clear [Group]
    [Will remove the group and allow them to exit the region as they please]

    Ideas for permissions:
    No permissions but only ops able to use the command

    When I'd like it by:
    December 15th at the latest please!
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    There are many plugins making borders of specific area it does colors the border though but some plugins provide feature to set border color to none and be invisible search it up for those plugins before you might get helped by them
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    I was coding your request (with difficulty, thanks to vault and new WG 7 API) when I realized that I've already do that on one of my servers during past years


    In this example, I want to deny exit of the region "testregion" for the group "ghostkittybump"
    Command n°1 → /mangaddp ghostkittybump group.ghostkittybump
    Command n°2 → /rg addmember testregion g:ghostkittybump
    Command n°3 → /rg flag testregion exit -g members deny

    If I want to deny access to an other group ( "bukkitusers" for example), I do:

    Command → /rg addmember testregion g:bukkitusers
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    I'll give this a shot!

    This.. Isnt working.
    It just prevents everyone from exiting all regions regardless of them not being a member in the region?
    it also just totally removes it when someone logs off

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    Okay !
    Add the permission group.thegroupname to all groups
    Be sure to be deop when you try to escape a region that is deny to your group
    Wait few seconds before exiting a region after doing all the commands ( just don't move lmao)

    I hope it will work ! (it works on my server) :)
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    Hmm I'll give it another shot but it seems to not even register the members and just counts the whole server

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