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    I have created a apartment building on my server, I want to have the whole building and surrounding area protected, at first I used worldguard, but quickly came to the realization that when someone buys an apartment, and I add them to the member list on the worldguard region, they now have access to the WHOLE APARTMENT, they can grief and anything! that is ofcourse an issue. Now ofcourse I could do it in sections, but that would be sloppy and unprofessional and result in about 30 claimed areas just for an apartment building.

    What I am requesting is a claimg plugin that lets you claim a certain area of land, and add people to a list (when they are on said list they will be able to edit said area) of a certain area in that area of claimed land.

    Basically, lets say you have a 100x100x100x100 (100length x 100width x 100height x 100down) and you want 'Player A' to be able to edit a certain area of that land, lets say you want him to have a custom area of 20x15x50x20 WITHIN the 100x100x100x100 ! in that 20x15x50x20 custom area only Player A will be able to edit it,or anyone else on the list.

    If you have any further questions on what I'm asking please comment below.

    Thanks in advance.

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