Region Based Block Regeneration - Over Time - Possible reward

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    To start I will like to say hello and thanks for looking at this thread.

    Quick Disc
    What I am in need of a plugin that allows me to turn a region into a regenerating region specifically for Ore blocks. It has to also work on a schedule that persists through restarts.

    Why do I need this you ask!

    We are planning something very special for the new update as we have all new worlds, Our main world is a space theme world and we thought it be a good idea to make that a dedicated ore world were you would only find a good source of ore in that world as it is the only world that does not have a border, it generates these planets that you can mine and cores are usually made up of ore but I set this to be not excessive.

    On our other worlds we would strip the ore out completely or lower it so ore other then basic coal were extremely rare to find.

    The special part of why we need this plugin comes into play as our server is a pvp/war server and we think it would be unique to have like a global gathering area that regenerates over time that players from all factions could/would need to visit to get the rare ore. Fun part is it would only regenerate the ore at a set amount of blocks every week, So Players need to fight to come out with the most of it per week.

    Those who miss out on the ore during the week can scour the open space flying around and basically play lucky dip on the generated planets for ore. But when the ore regenerates back on this easy to get to special area we want to make, it would encourage everyone to mine there and fight over what is there and what is left until more is generated.

    Bottom line is this encourages trade and among factions and offers a global area that players will want to visit often.

    How I imagine this could work
    To make the plugin as light as possible you would hook into worldedit region selection or provide a optional selection method but I prefer if it used worldedit. Then a player with appropriate permissions defines an area.

    Type in a command like "/Regenarea name delaytime" this would then save the blocks in selected area to a persistent state under the name given with desired regen time.

    You would need to grab what was in a region save it to disk and restore it within a set time frame. You would not have to run any checks per tick on the region you would simply store the data content of the region and do nothing with it until a scheduled time has passed, at which point it would then replace the selected area or missing blocks in the area with what was stored.

    The only complicated part I can see about this is making this be as low resource usage as possible though it should not be too bad as it is as it wont really be doing anything constantly other then a time check after with the exception of the save and restore process.

    Overall what does this need to do

    • Regenerate a region over a set period of time "Hours,Days,Weeks"
    • Multiworld compatible
    • Share Worldedits region tool
    • Be persistent over restarts
    • Mysql support or Sqlite preferred storage method

    Thank you for looking at this if you need any more explanation let me know by posting.
    I know this is possible I just cannot seem to find something that does this and does not come with the rest of the bloat.

    Anyone ?, Look I am willing to pay up to $10 for it.

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    Lol still no bites. It's not that a complicated ask, I have been told by someone who would do it if they had time.
    it is greatly needed tho as I wanted to make a sphere of ores and have it regenerate each month.

    *Gets on hand and knees and begs*
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    I'd be interested in a mod like this for my server as well. For similar reasons, although I may not decide to restrict ores to certain areas, i'd still be looking for something very similar. I could potentially offer a reward as well.
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    That sounds like a great idea for a mod. I however am a beginner in making mods for bukkit, this kind of project would involve a ton of coding beyond my abilities.
    sorry :(
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    Please FORMAT. It makes it easier for devs to follow what you want and specifics for them to follow. Thank you!

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