Regenerating Chest Contents/Open timers

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Penorzilla, Feb 7, 2011.

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    I'm not sure if this 100% possible yet with the current state of bukkit but I run a RPG server with dungeons. Admins once a night at a certain time will go and reset the loot in the chests of the dungeon. I would like a plugin that could possibly regenerate the contents of a chest after a certain amount of time. Also it would be nice if I could limit someone from a chest based on time. Meaning they can only open this chest once every 48 hours or so. But other players can still access it. This is to stop them from farming the dungeon.

    I can pay someone to write the plugin, I just have no skills in java myself.

    Many thanks!
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    This plugin would be win. I too have wanted this since hmod, but I never found a simple plugin that would do exactly this.
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    I would also like a plugin for this.

    I would primarily use it for the prize room in my mazes, but I could easily extend it for another use.
    I could encourage players to login more often by having a public chest generate contents at certain intervals.
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    Seems like a good idea. I'm going to join the party and say I would also like something like this made.
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    there was one made for Hmod called InfiniteChest but it was short lived.
    i think the source is in the link if that helps at all.

    i have been looking for this plug-in for a LONG LONG TIME.
    i say a big bold yes "Yes"
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    One thing I do as a work around, I have a warehouse for free building materials. I have saved it (worldedit) with all chests full. Then I have a spot marked where I stand then load and paste it.Aall chests are refilled and any damage to area undone. Depending how large an area this is it might be a fair solution.
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    I'll start porting it. I created it for Hmod.
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    Thats great. thanks so much croemmich
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    Hazzah! Please reply to this link when its ported!
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    Sweet!Will need!In my server there's an ammo chest and I have to keep filling it ever 15 minutes,so this will help.
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    Looking forward to this...
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    Any update on this? Getting quite anxious.
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    Matt L

    me 2~!
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    I so would like this. I want to put basic supplies in my spawn base so newbies can grab a few supplies before heading out. It would be so awesome if my chests could automatically reload themselves so I don't have to go in and load these chests every couple hours.

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