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    Plugin category: Weapons Modifiers

    Minecraft version: 1.16.4

    Suggested name: SimpleReforging

    What I want: I would like it so that you can add a reforge to an item such as a iron chestplate: Hasty Iron chestplate, Hasty I the modifier and it would give 0.075+ speed, to access a reforger you need to set up an npc that you can right click to access the gui.

    Ideas for commands: /reforgernpc (spawns the reforger villager)

    Ideas for permissions: simplereforging.npc Set it to false if they can't click the npc.
    simplereforging.reforge Set it to false so player can not reforge.
    simplereforging.reforgedelete Set it to false so random player can not delete the reforge npc
    simplereforging.reload reloads the plugin
    When I'd like it by: 2 - 3 days maybe a week if necessary.

    I'm happy to take suggestions for improvements and changes. Note that not all ideas will make it into this

    here are some modifiers i want: (ARMOR ONLY) <<<
    Tough + 2 armor
    Broken - 1 armor
    Heavy - 0.05 speed
    Angry + 5 mob follow range
    Elite + 3 armor + 0.5 speed +3 attack speed
    Lightweight - 2 armor + 1 speed
    Mystical + 4 max health
    Hard + 1 Armor
    Godly + 4 Defense + 5 attack speed
    Garbage - 1 speed - 1 armor
    Electric +4 attack speed
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    I will begin work on this! Thank you for asking.

    EDIT: Please note that this plugin will need Citizens to run, as I will be using the Citizens API for the NPC.
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    I don't have citizens, i could buy it, but would it be possible to use villagers? my theme is medieval. also, citizens doesn't even work for 1.16 at the moment, villagers will have to be the solution :) thats if... its possible
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    Citizens does work, and there is an official free download on another page (NOT BUKKIT). They have the Spigot page for donations.

    EDIT: And yes, I know that you are using a villager.
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    Thanks for letting me know! :) ive looked all around could du link it?

    @Quared how is the progress goin so far.

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