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    I guess my post was more directed towards people who can run an unmanaged VPS, or are willing to learn it. If you can't manage your own system and get Minecraft set up, of course you will need a Minecraft specific host to do it for you. After all, that is their key market.

    However, for those of you who know how or want to learn how to manage it on your own, do not buy Minecraft specific hosting.
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    By definition it is a fraud. It's not a scam because it doesn't lead to a quicker profit, but it does cause confusion and fraud can be used in such manor.

    Actually, I chose Minecraft specific because it's cheaper than a $50 1 GB VPS.

    Do you even understand the definition? Do you not know what trickery means? The payment showed up as and I had to look through my PayPal history to cancel the payment. Isn't that a trick practice? So FRAUD means trickery, deceit, sharp practice, or breach of confidence "OR" perpetrated for profit or to gain unfair or dishonest advantage. Did you not read the OR?

    Intelligence is just a matter of opinion, but I'll agree with you so many dumb admins wasting time administrating the forum. What good is it if they manage a forum that will not benefit their lives?

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    That's relative to their own valuation of their effort spent managing the forum relative to what they're getting back, whether it be money or recognition, or both.
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    So I'm a spoiled child? How much time do you spend time in Minecraft a week? I spend less than an hour. I don't think everything is a conspiracy. I think I had the right to criticize Redstone of their fraud and confusion. So your trying to protect a company that purposely caused confusion on Payments. I'm just stating facts I'm not representing anything false. If I were to put false information out, then I would be libel.

    By the way many conspiracy theories do exist though that may target the masses. Don't you pay attention in Social Studies. Human history is full of corruption and conspiracies. What makes you think that conspiracies are no longer exist?

    P.S. Redstone is not a conspiracy. I never said it was, but they did commit acts of minor fraud.

    I do monitor my PayPal. My invoice e-mail from PayPal doesn't say anything about Vreel. I can send you a screenshot of the e-mail if you want.

    You think is a billing company? Did you even visit their site. Redstone's client center uses WH Content Management System. The CMS takes care of that within their site.

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    I'm not gonna say that they commit fraud, or that they scam people. What I do know is that, I didn't like their service and decided to cancel, on their website it says
    "Not Happy? All servers come with a 48 hour money back guarantee - no questions asked."

    i cancelled within 4 hours. I'm still waiting for my money over a week later.
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    You were definitely looking at the wrong host. I have 3.2GHz/core, 4 cores, 4gb DDR3 RAM, and a 500gb disk for $50 a month.
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    I was looking at My complaint was their payment fraud. Their invoice name shows up as but if you click on it then it says Redstone. It prevents people from unsubscribing if they are not careful. You are not giving me any reason why I was looking at the wrong host. Your just giving me your server specs and the price.

    I see, you were confused because I said $50 per 1 GB VPS. I was saying I got Redstone instead of a $50 VPS service rather than Minecraft specific. I was replying to a post regarding Minecraft specific. My Redstone plan is about $20 1.2 GB

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    What are you saying..? "I got Redstone instead of a $50 VPS service rather than Minecraft specific"
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    They obviously set that name up to trick people not to unsusbscibe from their service go to you don't see anything about Redstone. They want to trick people. It's common sense. One person replied to this thread saying that they got Redstone then asked his money back in 4 hours after purchase. He waited a week and still didn't get it back. Redstone comes with a 48 hour money back guarantee. Just proves to us that they do not respect their clients or stay withing their terms of service. It's actualy a serious issue. Have you ever heard the quote "You can find out a lot about a person or an organization just by knowing one fact?" This quote is really true based on my life experience and being in society.
  11. Don't know why I post here as there is nothing we can say to change whileloop mind. But here goes.

    Many, and I really mean MANY companies have daughter companies that are invoicing through their mother company. So it's "common sense" that this is being done this way. I do agree with you that they should at least mention this in their Terms of Service.

    This is what the terms of service says about refunds.
    Have you asked this person if any of these apply? Also it never say's you will get your money back in those 48 hours. You can cancel withing 48 hours. Also this is the case of ONE person. Did he already contacted them? Did they say anything about it? Maybe they have technical difficulties with the payments?

    Instant edit: From the post chaseoes: "Paypal's standard refund period (which is 60 days)" There you have it. It can take 60 days before it's refunded.

    I never heard that quote and to be honest it's an absolutely terrible one too! And it applies to my instant update from above. You see one fact (not refunding) but that's not even a fact!
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    I'd just point out to the OP, that on your original Paypal receipt that you will have been sent when you first bought the server, it will have had the billing company name in it.

    Not only that, but Paypal send you an email each time a recurring payment goes out with the details of what you are paying for, in addition to who it is going to. It even has the name "Redstonehost" in the emails - meaning that a very quick search of your inbox would find a transaction so you could cancel it.

    RedstoneHost don't deliberately use a different name to defraud you or cause confusion. VReel Media is the company name, and RedstoneHost is merely a brand they trade as. Not only is not not at all fraudulent, it is extremely common.

    Accusing RedstoneHost of being deliberately deceptive is libellous, unfair - and flat out wrong. Blaming someone else for your own lack of due diligence is just low.

    Recommend this topic be locked.


    1. Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.
    2. A person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities.
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    This is a warning to any potential clients of RedStoneHost.

    I purchased this service December of 2011. Since then I have experienced show-stopping problems with my VPS services that continuously render it unusable. Unusable = 15 people on the ULTIMATE tier server with extreme [5+ second delay] block lag & regular latency spikes so intense, they cause everyone to timeout and disconnect.

    This issue has been reported to RSH several times with no resolution. Their response was a 'plugin related issue'. After they took it upon themselves to re-image the VPS (no they did not get my approval prior) the latency issues STILL persist. The latency spikes so badly at times that my SSH session times out.

    How RSH has been deceptive to this particular consumer (me):

    1. Their Live Chat link has NEVER been active as long as I've had service (December of 2011)
    2. Tickets I have submitted with varying levels of urgency go more than a day without response
    3. Twice my VPS has been completely inaccessible (hard down)... It took more than a day for a response.
    4. My server generates revenue & these constant issues severely impacted my community ~ I have since moved to a new service.

    I can provide ticket logs that reinforce my claims. I can provide access to my server so you can observe the latency and examine how little we actually have running when the latency issues occur.

    Again I warn you against subscribing to RSH's services. Their low prices are met with even lower customer service.

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    I agree fully on these 4 points. All that happened to me as well, and I've moved to another host now where I've had none of those issues. For those seeking to use plugins and player-load I dont think Redstonehost's standard tiers is anything to have. Although many others playing vanilla for fun with their friends, I can understand that :)
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    all of those apply, i am (was) a first time customer, generally displeased with the server, no offense to them in general, i just didn't like it.

    I filled out a ticket explaining I didn't like it, asked for my refund and for it to be canceled, it was canceled, but no refund.

    this means that you can get a refund within 60 days of the purchase, not that it may take up-to 60 days

    its now been 11 days since i asked for a refund, i sent the company a message directly, (both Vreel Media, and redstone host, just to be sure)

    haven't heard a reply yet, (yes, i sent it to the help department)

    i find this unacceptable, I don't expect to get my refund, I didn't expect to get it instantly. But when I send a message to a company expressing my distress I expect at LEAST an automated reply saying they have received my message and are looking into it.

    I understand it may take some time. But should it take more than said "60 day period" I WILL be bringing in the authorities to this matter.

    That is all.

    EDIT: oh yes, and on the invoice in paypal i have this

    Customer Service URL:

    You know whats at that site? Absolutely, not customer service.

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    Let me sum this all up.

    Redstone host is not a fraud, but from what people have been saying, they seem to have bad customer service, and they don't appear to honor their refund policy. There are also some claims of oversold servers.
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    DirectSpace custom plans kthxbai.
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    I use DaddyCheese.

    It's cheap, reliable and has good uptime.
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    Yeah um... I still haven't gotten my REFUND from these crooks. Paypal awarded me the money, yet they have yet to give me any money.
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    Creeperhost. They do VPSes for low price (thirty bucks/month gets you 3 GB RAM + 30 GB HDD + I think CentOS) that are designed for Minecraft, but apart from that, they're not limited to Minecraft. You can run whatever you want on them provided what you're doing isn't disallowed in their ToS.
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    well, i ever been "scammed" worse than this..

    there is a host...

    when your about to pay, they will take you to a page to choose subscribe or not subscribe...

    the options button are too damn small and needs a few seconds to notice that...

    if you dont click anything in like, 4 -5 seconds the page will redirect you right to paypal login, and SUBSCRIPTION payment....

    i lost my $20 because of this. we arguing at the minecraft forum and they said "u choose to subscribe". The fact is "i am trapped to subscribe"

    if you wants to know, the host is

    i reported them to minecraftforum admin, and i checked back yesterday, it was change "if you don't choose in 30 seconds, you will automatically redirected to subscription page"


    ON TOPIC :

    yes, do not buy from redstonehost. it is overselled.

    their thread at minecraftforum is full of negative reviews.
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    I was going to use redstone host...thnx :D
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    SHIT!!! I buyed a redstonehost gold tier server and then I saw this.

    Well, i have already noticed that the customer support sucks, and I sent refund request.
    Anyone knows how to fastly get a refund (or at least don't send a Sales department support ticket requesting refund)
    Cancelling the account refunds the money?
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    You would have had to request one within 48 hours.

    Well no shit sherlock that the 512 MB server was less then the 1.2GB. Redstone host is a fine host, if you know what you are doing, which you obviously do not.

    If you did, you could have found the problem easily yourself. Maybe look into the WHOLE story before ranting about it on the bukkit forums?

    Minecraft specific hosts always cost more than an unmanaged host :/ I'm not sure what your point here was. Besides, having an unmanaged server usually leads to you being able to fix your own issues.

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    I will agree with OP because I have seen their site and I have seen admins take down posts *mine as well* for just giving them criticism on their services and I was even told to have been "blowing hot air because of misunderstanding how they work" quoted by one of their admins before the page mysteriously 404'd afterwards.

    I know this doesn't much count towards the thread but I will say this, I have been using 3 refurbished rack servers (Poweredge 2650, Poweredge 2950, and a School messenger because the servers came from an old school and this guy was selling all 3 for 50 bucks) and I had to do more than just plug and play with them, I had to install an OS to them (Linux Debian) Wiped every HDD on each system (8 all together) and looked at which one had the best parts and which ones I could use. I selected my Poweredge 2650 and 2950 for the job. I took the 2 HDD's out of the messenger because the only one in the 2950 was dead and you could hear it was just from removing it out of hot-swap, configured the RAID system to combine each HDD to the system to use as one huge partition, loaded them up and began sending Ethernet cables out from my main computer to the 2650 then in Linux's brctl bridging command I linked the other two Ethernet slots and sent a second one down to the 2950 and had both up in half a day, the 2650 is running Apache, MySQL for the forums and other things, FTP for any personal small files I want off my system, and a SSH server so I can run it with no face while the 2950 runs a similar setup it runs MySQL for some plugins for the Survival server, SSH for remote access like the 2650, FTP for files I need to place on the system, and the Minecraft survival server. Now the specs for the 2950 is a 8-core Intel Xeon chip I didn't really look up exactly what it was but then 20gb RAM, a safety power-surge memory battery in-case I were to lose power data would be able to be saved. The 2650 has a 4-core Xeon chip and again don't know the exact model, and 2GB of RAM so you see why I went with the 2950 for the powerful MC Server. Now the point I'm trying to place here is that if you look at what I had to go through to bring these servers online and work each system separately I've also saved me the trouble for having to worry about another company ruining my system where if anything happens I've got 100% access to the system and can upgrade the hardware while with a host your hardware is final unless they upgrade but still there's downtime when you don't want it. Another thing is and I know people are going to say it, electricity bill, well of course there is that problem but still if you ran the system when and only when you wanted and needed it to be up and had it just so then you and your friends could play Minecraft you save yourself soo much trouble just using your own system as a server than go out and play out of your parents or your wallet for a company that could know little on how a system actually works and just did a plug and play start-up. Now for the people who say that servers are expensive even the ones that I have listed right here. I do understand that it is a short term gain right there but in the long run at-least I have a system that I can place whatever I want onto it without having to worry about violating a ToS while also using the systems to my own advantage.

    Thank you for reading this chunk of text I placed here but hopefully you see how I've set myself up and see that it may be a better option depending on where you live and what your current situation is.

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    Who host your servers? I was looking at limestonehost but it's kind of expensive for a starter server
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    I was with redstonehost a long time ago and the whole time I was with them, all I had was lag complaints and trouble. Soon as I moved everything was fine >.<

    (I have own dedicated machine now)
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    This is every day business policy (using a different name for billing). While I know that they do not cancel subscriptions possible and they oversold badly I also know that using a different billing name is perfectly acceptable.
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    I hosted with them once. It was OK :) No problems for me, so.. yeah.
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    I agree. Don't buy.

    I bought an 80 slot server and didn't want to pay for more than 1 month. So I cancelled it. About a week ago I bought another server with only 32 slots (on the same account as the 80 slot server). Now they are contacting me and telling me that they will have to suspend my account if I don't pay the $40 for the 80 slot server.

    In their Terms of Agreement, it says "You agree that until and unless you notify RedstoneHost of your desire to cancel any or all services received, those services will be billed on a recurring basis." Yet, there is no way to notify them unless you informally do so by opening a support ticket (slow service) or contacting them directly through email.

    Also in their Terms of Agreement, "Once we receive your cancellation and have confirmed all necessary information with you via e-mail, we will inform you in writing (typically email) that your account has been canceled." The part that confuses me is "that your account has been canceled". Does that mean they will cancel the server or my entire account along with the other server I just bought?

    I also opened a Support Ticket LAST NIGHT and still haven't gotten an update. I even set my Urgency to High. The testimonial on the front page is a lie.
    "RedstoneHost is different. In addition to lightning-fast ticket responses, RedstoneHost works very closely with those ..."
    Lightning fast as in 30+ hours. This isn't the first time I had problems with slow support tickets, but I won't get into it.

    Gist: It's worth the money to buy a different server host.
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