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    Their Service

    I've bought a Minecraft server form Redstone 1.2GB last week for my survival server. The server kept crashing and I had to restart the VPS node. I opened up a ticket and it took them more than 30 hours to answer the ticket. They told me it was most likely a plugin problem. At the same time my friend recommended me Global7Hosting. I got the 512MB for about $6 to host my creative server less RAM than Redstone. Though I bought the Global7Hosting server for my creative I decided to move my server to Global7Hosting because of Redstone's lack of service. I moved the survival server with the same exact plugins and files. The server never crashed ever since.

    The Fraud (The reason why I'm mad.)

    I'm not mad at their service. I'm mad for Redstone's fraud and purposely causing confusion not just to me but for clients that subscribed to them. Redstone host tries to get away with taking your money. When you subscribe to their service on PayPal the subscription name doesn't show up as Redstone or anything related to Minecraft. The subscription name shows up as VReel Media. In their terms of service they say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about VReel media. What Redstone is practice trick tactics in order to prevent people from unsubscribing. I had to look through my e-mails and my whole month's wort of history to find out VReel Media is from Redstone. If you go to it says nothing about Redstone.

    Screenshot of Redstone's Terms of Service. (2/11/2012):

    PayPal Screenshots

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    Nathan C

    Wow, that is a bad scam.

    Will avoid.
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    Mmmm, many companies are like this and use a unified billing account. Nothing to be worried about in my opinion when you're dealing with smaller companies.

    However, the overselling is quite a valid concern, thanks for letting me know about it.
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    Really, you consider that a scam?
    Maybe it's just their parent company. This is nothing surprising nor fishy.
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    Protip: Never buy hosting that is Minecraft specific.
    I've been saying that for a long time, but nobody seems to learn.
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    I never said it was a SCAM. I said it was a FRAUD. Two different words.
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    Feel free to replace 'scam' with 'fraud' in my post.
    It doesn't make your claims less ridiculous and absurd.

    The definition of scam and fraud are almost interchange.
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    Actualy it is a scam because they are using another brand name on payment.
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    Like I said, your claim is absurd.
    This is not a scam, nor fraud.

    It's a minor inconvenience due to how Paypal works and VReel Media's corporate structure.
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    hmmm, so if they if it is a scam / fraud, why would they have so much happy customers, working servers, and host the server of Jamy?
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    I had the same problem, i bought a server and it didn't work for 2 days so i asked for my money back and i got it back but i wouldn't recommend them tbh...
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    The same thing happened to me two months ago, when I bought from them. :(
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    They seem to be legit, remember that very few satisfied customers tend to express that they're happy with something, while unhappy customers are eager to express their unhappiness and unpleasant experiences.
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    It's your responsibility to monitor your Paypal account, pretty sure the recipient's name is displayed on the Paypal page before you confirm a subscription / order... not their fault if you blindly clicked through it.
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    agree w/ what Orcworm said, when you started the scheduled payments, you approved the vendor's PayPal account.

    In addition, it is not uncommon at all for billing to be handled through another company, whether it be a parent company, sister company, or billing service.
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    I don't get something. How is the fact that VReel media was displayed connected to your non-working server?
    You're mixing stuff together here.

    While I understand that you got a bad service, the fact that the company is built in a certain way doesn't have anything to do with it, does it?

    Also, I agree with Orcworm. When money is involved, i triple-check everything, and those things should be clarified BEFORE, and not AFTER the purchase.

    This being said, I would have also clarified this on the Support tickets of Redstonehost, or, in an exreme case, on their forums, before putting unconfirmed facts on another forum.
    You hurt them quite a bit, and they didn't have the chance to give the public their version of the story.

    lolwut? What does Jamy have to do with this?
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    He has a server there, and it's the only server i personally know that is hosted on Redstonehost
  18. What does M1sT3rM4n has to say about this? As he is being quoted on the front page.

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    A good rule of thumb is to never purchase hosting from a company that's been around for any less than 5 years.

    Be especially careful if they've only been around for a few months. A good way to check this is to do a whois search on their url and see how long they've had the url registered.

    If they've only been around for a little while, they may be a "fly by night" scheme that waits for enough people to sign up, and then takes their website/service down, giving you no way to find them.

    Also, I would recommend, a VPS service. Can be used for minecraft servers, or anything else, really.

    You get what you pay for.
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    I've been using the service for about... 7 months (starting in July of 2011) and their service's been good. The only thing they can improve on is the customer support respond time.

    That doesn't really affect me though, since I am quite tech-savvy and can usually solve all the problems I encounter while running the servers.

    I also host two TF2 servers (both running 32 slots), a Killing Floor server (6 slots), a heavily modded L4D2 server and a 100 slot TS server. They have never lagged.
  21. I use them and they are AMAZING, and that could be their parent company or something, lots of companies do this. Never regretted going with redstonehost.
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    Fraud can mean confusion or trickery. Isn't that something tricky or confusing that Redstone put out? Scam is a fraudulent deed that leads to a quicker profit. Get your facts straight.

    But they don't say that on They clearly did that to trick people.

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  23. Even if they did they still offer an amazing service for the price. With most hosts you get an ip with a random port number but with redstonehost you get a dedicated ip.
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    Eoghan also posted a response on the MC forum on why the payments are directed to, but I can't seem to find it as the derp admins cleaned everything on there.
  25. Now it's starting to look a bit suspicious.
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    Na, they cleaned it because they wanted all the posts on the MC forum to be related to service feedback.
  27. Ah ok.
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    Of the post which (ironically) was actually service-related. So many dumb admins, so little IQ.
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    How about you get your own facts straight and quote the full definition.
    "deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of confidence,perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonestadvantage."

    You're acting like a spoiled child who thinks the world is one giant conspiracy against him.
    If anyone is guilty of anything it's you being guilty of libel and slander.
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    I had a different experience. I was with, they do source and Battlefield servers too. I had to create a ticket for dynmap. They were reluctant to support it at first, and said that I needed a webhosting package. Then their shitty script ran three Bukkit instances, which screwed up my worlds. Their solution was "don't use Bukkit". Basically they treated Minecraft the same as Team Fortress 2 or something, while how they work is fundamentally different.

    I'm now with Global7Hosting for four months, and it's pretty good. No issues so far.
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