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    I have a problem to find the player who put the lever, button, pressureplate on. Because when a person who have permission a certain thing will happend to a certain block but if the player don't have permission it don't
    I have a really hard time trying to make this so i will be very thankful for your help :D
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    you need to keep a hashmap with the location/permission needed to use in memory, and possibly a database to keep all of that data.
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    BlockRedstoneEvent fires for redstone-like blocks changing state. You can't get a player from that, because that change most of the time doesn't even involve a player (redstone clocks, redstone wire turning on, etc.).

    What you are looking for is PlayerInteractEvent - when the player clicks the lever/button or steps on the pressure plate.
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    Thank u guys very much :D
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