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    Well this is very basic, there is probably a plugin already out for it,
    but I have looked all over for it and no luck.

    Name: Redstone Chunk
    /rsc <Params>
    Create <NAME> <AREA>
    edit <NAME> <NewArea>
    Delete <Name>

    So what it dose is within the defined radius or area, all redstone will work even if the chunk is not loaded. So say I did
    /rsc create first 50
    all the redstone within area 50 will remain loaded or workable. I like to build giant redstone things like calculators and my servers chunk limit is at 7, not much. So tends that the redstone will not work right unless other players are around. I saw the plugin that allows crops to grow even when the chunk is not loaded and thought it would be great but for redstone, and in toggable areas.

    rsc.create Allows them to use Create param.
    rsc.edit ^^^^ edit param.
    rsc.remove ^^^^ delete param.
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    Seems more like a passive plugin, shouldn't even need commands or permissions.. unless you specifically want it for some reason
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    The commands just make it so only an area that is selected will work, because I don't need people building loops all over server and causing major lag.

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