Redstone/Lever activated based on time of day?

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    As the title states, I remembered using an old plugin that i'm 100% sure is outdated because i spent hours searching for a plugin related to it. It made it so that any levers that were placed ON glass, during the day was flipped to on, keeping doors, glowstone, gates, ON and open, then as night falls, with the in-game timer around 8:00 PM, the lever would switch to OFF, and anything connected to it was turned OFF. This means that all the doors, gates, lights, etc were shut. Thank you for your time, and I hope someone can create this type of plugin :]
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    try using false book
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    Allright, ill look into it if it has the time trigger.
    Doesn't have the time trigger, but looks very nice, ALL triggers cept for the one i need >.<
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    should have day time = off and night == on
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    Nupe doesn't have the trigger related to what i said, and it seems like its a ram eater. :confused:

    The problem with it is that it doesn't hook to any other times except for fixed times, which is on the signclock, 12 AM, and also it doesnt shut off the redstone, it makes it LOW power.

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