Redstone lamps - switch default power status from off to on

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    Hey guys,
    is there any plugin out there that lets you switch the default power status of the new redstone lamps from off to on? I want to use them a street lamps, but it's impossible due to the need of power (lever on top looks ugly).

    If there is no plugin that can do this, consider this as a request. :)
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    Use item 124 (Redstone Lamp ON) and don't make any block updates next to it.
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    Thanks for the suggestion, but I want my players to be able to build them as well.
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    i dont think you do need spout
    a recipe manager should be sufficient
    do a search on bukkitdev for recipe
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    It's not working :( You can place the lamp but it only stays lit for a split second. It needs constant redstone power to stay lit.

    Just to clarify: this is still an active request.

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