Redstone controller for Jukebox

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    Hi everybody ;)

    I have an idea for plugin. This plugin would be to control a jukebox with the Redstone. When the jukebox is pulsed Redstone and if a disc is already inserted into it, he plays. If as he reads the disk, it receives a new impetus, it stops the disc player and the music starts again from the beginning.

    I'm sorry for my bad English but I'm espere you've know me. ^^
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    If the redstone is getting turned off, will the music stop than? Or will it stay playing?
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    When Redstone stops, the jukebox continues to play, but the cd is restarted if the jukebox receives a pulse when he was not fed. At worst, if you find it easier, stop it. With a lock "non-RS-OR ', there will be way to do replay the music. Uh, is it all a bit confused ^ ^.

    I try to be clearer: D
    Solution 1: The jukebox plays music if it receives a continuous and pulse stops when it loses power.

    Solution 2: The jukebox plays upon receiving a short pulse (it is not fed continuously) and restarts the music when it receives another pulse.

    Sorry for my bad English only. I hope you understand me.;)
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    JUst this plugin i would need

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