Redstone breaks

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Would u play on a server like this if i got the redstone problem fixed?

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    people can u help me with a problem ? i'm running a server with a constant of like 30 - 50 players, like 20 min after i've started the server redstone breakes down tnt gets slow and water gets slow, other than those 3 things nothing not block at place/bracke or any thing. here is a pastebin of the server console my specs is 3.4 Ghz quadcore cpu 16 Gb ram - 10 Gb set for bukkit my plugins list is: ancientgates,antibuild,bigbrother,borderguard,citizens,commandbook,dynmap,factions,falsebook,ichat,iconomy,iconomychestshop,magicCarper,minequery,mywarp,nocheat,permissions,spyeradmin,turnstile,voxelsniper,worldedit,worldguard. if u need more info to help detect my problem please speak up?
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    sry i'll make a new one i only made that one last 1 hour

    updated the link it should work now
    sry for that

    aint there any there know what the problem might be ??

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    Your best bet is to trouble shoot. Try renaming the plugin folder and running without plugins. If it happens, put it back and rename your world to have it create a new world. If it still happens, put the world back and redownload your craftbukkit.jar . I personally have no idea what it is, so I cannot give you any advice on it.
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    okay well ty for your time
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