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    Plugin Name :RLGL
    What I want: I want a plugin that as arenas which players can join and placed into a room (a lobby)
    When the game starts a selected region of the lobby disappears and players run out have their inventory's filled with lime green wool this means they can move and try to complete a parkour course.
    After a random period of time i.e 5-15 seconds their inventory changes to red wool and if they keep moving they get sent back to the start.
    The game ends after 5 minutes or someone gets to the end and clicks a block.

    Commands: /rlgl create [arenaname] (creates the arena)
    /rlgl setlobby [arenaname] (sets the spawn for the game)
    /rlgl setend [arenaname] (sets the spawn where they get sent at the end of the game)
    /rlgl setfinishblock [arenaname] (sets the block when right clicked the game ends)
    /rlgl setstartwall [arenaname] (sets the area which disappears at the start of the game i .e the floor or a wall)
    Permissions: rlgl.player (join and leave arenas)
    rlgl.staff (start/stop game)
    rlgl.admin (create and delete arenas)

    Also can you add WorldEdit integration to set the arena border so if they leave this area they get sent back to the start and the set the area that disappears.

    Want further information contact me on skype at huzzahpinkyoshi100

    If I forgot anything point it out in the comments at i'll fix it.
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    Sounds like an interesting concept.
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    Yea, I think it's pretty cool
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    its been done but also cool you mean like from minecraft party?
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    I will make this, seems like a cool idea. I think I played it on a other fairly big server but don't remember. I will give you a download link when I am done.
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    No there parkour and I don't want it as sensitive
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    Just wanted to give an update on this. I'm about half done on it. I have all the commands and arenas working, I am now just working on configuration options and the logistics of the game!
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    Thanks When your done i'll test it on my server
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    It sounds pretty cool.

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