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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by CryoCrafter, May 4, 2019.

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    Hello, I have this plugin:
    and its iconic, because it has features no other drug plugin has. Could someone please update the plugin to 1.12.2 or recreate it? Would be awesome
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    I will recreate / update it! On top of that I will optimize it ^^
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    Thank you very much! That is so awesome. It would be really cool if you did that!
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    Since i currently have no time to work further on it here is the plugin as far as i came so far:

    It works but there are some minor issues that i found..
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    Thank you very much. Could you tell me what the issues are?

    The config doesnt change anything in game. Any change I make doesnt apply in game. I restart it, reload it, restart the server. Nothing works. Also, the are some spelling issues in the default config, being:
    Strenght: Medium # Strength is spelled with h before t
    DeathChange: 100 # Chance is spelled with g instead of c

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    Is somebody else than TheSaltyOne interested in recreating this plugin, as TheSaltyOne seems to have not enough time
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