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Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by EvilSeph, Apr 6, 2011.

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    How the Recommended Build system should work

    With the introduction of the build system we hoped to give us some breathing room with development and provide a stable goal for Plugin Developers and server admins to rely on. And while I can honestly say we've achieved that, to an extent, things aren't going as I planned or expected them to.

    While we do expect Plugin Developers to support the latest Recommended Build, we were also hoping that they wouldn't wait until the last minute to push a compatible build out. Basically, what we expected was that plugin devs would be actively following the development of the project (maybe even having a CI setup like we have) so that they would be prepared for whenever a Recommended Build does land. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be the case and plugin devs are only developing for Recommended Builds instead.

    Although it's not realistic to expect that all Plugin Developers are always on top of new developments, it would be to everyones benefit if this was the case, especially given some changes we have planned to the Recommended Build system (see below for more information, but I suggest you read the rest of this section too).

    Lately I've been busy working on setting up a team of 20 or so testers that will help me ensure a Recommended Build candidate is worthy of being a Recommended Build. However, with the lack of support for non-Recommended Builds from Plugin Developers, this is a bit difficult to do. So here it is, my friendly request that Plugin Developers employ an active development model and CI setup so that myself and my testing team can include your plugin in our testing endeavors.

    Changes planned

    Since the launch of the Recommended Builds system, we've been actively on the lookout for feedback and criticisms as to how effective it is. Mostly, the feedback has been good but several people have brought up a good point that the system is too unpredictable or unstable and we agree. As such, moving forward we'll be employing a "schedule" of sorts on the Recommended Builds system.

    It will work as follows: every week we'll identify and communicate a Recommended Build candidate which will undergo rigorous testing. Early the following week (Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday - still to be determined) we'll promote the candidate for public consumption. This change should give both the Bukkit Team and the Plugin Developers some breathing room and a predictable schedule for Recommended Builds, as well as a weekend to work toward making their plugins RB ready.

    These changes should result in a better Recommended Builds system and less of a scramble to get servers and plugins updated.

    Naturally, this system will be skipped if there are security, exploit, critical stability fixes or Minecraft updates that we need to account for.
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    I guess it's time to learn jenkins
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    will this schedule be altered in the case of minecraft updates that require cb updates?

    it could potentialls take a week after a new minecraft version to get bukkit into that version if thats the case... no?
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    Celtic Minstrel

    I was under the impression that updating for a new Minecraft version took only a day or two due to their policies and stuff for altering the obfuscated code.
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    @MrChick, quite right... thanks for the highlight :)

    sometimes we see paragraphs and start jumping to conclusions in our heads while reading the rest of the text. Read the whole thing and then make conclusions... thanks.
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    Thanks, EvilSeph. There is some Devs that have been doing a wonderful job at keeping up. I especially like the ones that put up both jars the RB and the latest Build. I think since RB came out a lot of plugin makers have gotten a tad lazy and just stopped updating and then they do just exactly as you said and wait to the last minute.

    I really wish we had that site you guys talked about AGES ago.. I don't know if you be up to it buy edit the forum system or design a new plugin for it but add maybe special colored section or new columns to the forums that have 2 new fields.

    RB Build and AB (alpha build? idk what to call it haha) Where it clearly shows and encourages developers to keep up.
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    John Kapsis

    Great idea!!!
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    +1 Excellent work @Evilseph. Also, props for communicating this to your userbase!
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