/reclaim for donators after server reset.

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    Plugin category: dont know exactly

    Suggested name: Reclaim

    What I want:
    So i run a PVP/factions server and the wolrd always gets full which means we have to do a reset but people who have donated will not get there items back. I was wondering if someone could make me a plugin that you can only use the command once to reclaim the items and money that you donated for on the server.

    Example: A donator joins the game after a server reset and type /reclaim, he gets all the items back in the rank and the money he gets in the rank.

    Also there is more than one donator rank so there would have to be permissions for each one so people got exactly what they donated for.

    Ideas for commands: /reclaim

    Ideas for permissions: reclaim.iron rank, reclaim.goldrank etc...

    When I'd like it by: I wont have a server reset for a while, so take your time ;)
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    Let me get this right, you want me to check if they have a permission and then let them do reclaim once then it would add them to a blacklist.txt so they cant do it again until the blacklist is cleared next reset?
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    What do you mean by reset? Reset the world? more specific please, i dont understand why you have to reset the server once its full
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    Because there would be no room to make faction bases build and the world is covered in mess like cobble monsters etc..
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    Why are you resetting the items people have? Why not Just reset the world
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    good idea but reset i like to reset there player data too.
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    deploycraft You Could Do Something similar to this with buycraft, just reply if u want to know how!
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    Because otherwise 90% of the server would be stuck, due to the fact that your locations are stored inside the playerdata.
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    Ok, got it. So before you reset the server lets say you type the command /reclaim save and that would save everyones stuff that you define in a config file. Then /reclaim load would give the stuff back to them. What type of reward would I recieve if I were to make this? I don't mean to be greedy but I don't have that much time on my hands
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    jolbol1 How do you do it with buycraft?
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    well its rather complicated but what you could do is setup a new catergory and call it claim back or whatever.
    then create a claim package for all your donation ranks. Once you have done this make them all do the same commands as the rank they brought, and set the price to 0.0 then on required packages, select the one that they have to of bought to claim it back.
    For Example
    Say i bought Member + And Everything Got Reset. I would Then Go To Claim back section and click buy, however if i tried to claim a higher rank it doesnt allow you to buy it. I Hope This Makes Sense, if not i can try to explain it in more detail
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    Actually that does, I already have a plugin like this reclaim lol I just wanted to see how you were saying to do it but thanks xD!
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    I get it, so it says what package does this require and then you out the one that the group is! It doesn't matter anymore I got it made!

    No it doesn't save everything, they basically lose everything they have but when they join the server they can do /reclaim which gives them items and money like they just bought the rank! Get it? Could you message me I have another plugin request I would like to talk to you about personally! ;)

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    deploycraft You could probably pull this off with CommandHelper.
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    I've already had it made now and I was just about to message you about a custom plugin, you remember me? Lol

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