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    I would like a plugin, that would reacalculate the light of all chunks already created on my server.

    I found that this 1.3.2 generator/client have many light bugs, that causes lag to the client sometimes, and sometimes for the server.
    I fount that when opening the map with macedit and issueing a recalculate light on all the map, the bugs goes away, but mcedit is not very easy to be used on the server. I would like a plugin that would do this, when the commands is typed, it would start fixing all those light bugs on already generated chunks.
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    Deleted user

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    I thought it was, as using minecraft 1.3.1 solved the client light bug that is present on 1.3.2. Still, when loading the map on mcedit, recalculating the light on all the map, and opening the same place again on 1.3.2 client, the light bug was fixed.
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    NoLagg can fix light errors. They should be fixed in 1.4 tho :)
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    Yes, I saw that feature before, but it does not work very well for my problem.
    No lagg light will work on new created chunks, and there is a command to fix all light on nearby chunks of the player.

    But, for doing it on all the already generated world, it is not possible. On that same page, there are some people requesting exactly this feature, a commands that could scan all the already generated chunks for a light fix, but nolagg author did not seeem to have responded :(
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    Bumpedy bump
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    You are bumping thread that hasn't been active for 10 months...
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    Why did u bump this thread?
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    I bumped it because I think it's relevant.
    This is one of the major things in Minecraft that are really annoying.
    Yes, I know, it's old, but I think you would both be happy if it was fixed, right? Sorry if I annoyed anyone, I didn't want to, I just think this is important :(
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    Making a new thread would of been easier and more clear.
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    Yeah, maybe.
    I would welcome any ideas regarding the actual topic from everyone out there :)

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