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    like a plug-in that makes surviving harder like having to drink water,bleed outs,and armor weight,arrows might get lodged into a foot or somthing witch makes you slower,breakable legs(basicly sneak mode)basicly fall damage would be diffrent,trees when cut from bottom "fall down".
    then we'd have hardcore (probably later wont need) 1 life,damage by area of hits.

    it would make survival servers more fun to play as you would actully have to survive.

    bleed out-would be like damage every sec mabey you take a good half heart of damage.
    breaking legs-mabey make you go very slow like a ption effect.
    fall damage-is a way to break your leg and certain heights would kill you like airplane height or a bit lower like mountains if you fall you "may" not die but just break your legs.
    Arrows-if you get hit in the chest or mabey the leg you would have a slow potion effect as well and move slower(not as slow as breaking your legs tho).
    drinking water-if you dont you would slowly start to die over time.
    Bleed outs-would be determined by the armor your wearing Ex. leather would protect you from "so and so" amount of hits or a so and so chance to have a bleed out from or you have this much protection from a bleed out.
    Armor weight-i really dont need to say much about slow effects blah blah blah.
    Trees-when chooped from lowest point would "fall over" onto the ground.
    1 Life-im sure i dont need to explain much.
    Damage by hit area-like if hit by sword in head it has a chance for a inta-kill or if hit in leg you would "slow down" the opponent and hit in arm chance to drop what there holding like there sword.

    Thats as descriptive i can get... :) if anybody has any other idea's feel free to share and i hope a plug-in like this will be made.
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    Eeeeyeah... You're going to need to give a TON more detail for potential developers. This looks like a huge plugin that requires Spout or similar. Also, I'd recommend follow the formatting... Check the sticky. :)
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    im not very good at explaining lol

    i would post up more detail but im not really sure what else to post i mean im not a very good explainer and all spout probably would be cool to be implanted but i dont really like spout. but thx for feedback :)

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    Yeah, Spout isn't for everyone. For example, let's take your post:
    And change it to:

    Drinking Water
    A user has to drink water to survive. Every time they drink a water bottle, they [ACTION HERE]

    or something like that. Try to give more details, because otherwise it will just be passed over by developers. If there aren't details, they have no clue if they're able/wanting to help you out.

    Hope that helps! :)
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    This is the first mod I've seen in a week that I think "wow, that's actually a cool idea." So I support this and I understand what he means even if it's disorganized. I hope someone can make this, it would be REALLY Interesting!
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    i know a plugin for everything you want if I'm not mistaken only problem is its separate plugins so here is a list.

    1: Water Look at CoKoC signature for a plugin request he finished for thirst

    2: MorePhysics for armor weight and more realistic arrows and a bunch more realistic survival things i think this is on bukkit dev

    3: For fall damage and more realistic arrow and a few other i think its called abitmorerealism or something of that nature on bukkit dev

    4: There are some plugins for a blood effect but it doesn't make you bleed out.
    Hope i helped enjoy!
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    ok ill see what i could do to make it more descriptive

    i think i saw a few of those but what i want to see is it all combined and a bit more tweaked :)

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