RealmWarp (10$ Paypal)

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    RealmWarp (10$)
    Simple warping plugin with some more features than any other warp plugin provides. This plugin can be public if you like as long as the name of the plugin is RealmWarp and the thread you create leaves a link to our server.

    Now lets move on to the features I'm looking for.
    1. Warping by stepping on top of a pre-defined block.
      The admin should be able to set a block that warps the players to the predefined warp position.
      It should also be possible to use the /warp <name> command only if you have the permission node.
    2. PermissionsBukkit Support
      A few simple permission nodes that are self-explanatory: 'realmwarp.warp.block', 'realmwarp.warp.command', '', 'realmwarp.nocooldown', realmwarp.nowarmup'.
    3. Iconomy 6 Support
      The admin should be able to set a price for each warp individually. It has to be possible to set the price with decimal values, for example 0.01.
    4. Cooldowns
      The admin should be able to set a cooldown for how often a player can use the warps. This has to be done with a flatfile (or sqlite db if you prefer) so people's cooldowns aren't reset upon relogging. (I'm planning to set the cooldown to around 15 minutes)
    5. Warmup
      Takes X seconds of standing still before you are teleported. The admin should be able to set a global warmup time and then flag which warp has a warmup and which doesn't
    6. Multi-world support
      It should be able to warp between different worlds.
    If you do make a config file all that's needed in there is the warmup time. Everything else is warp-specific. Doesn't matter how you achieve this.

    Please post here if you're interested in making this. Previous work examples are a bonus.
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    I do not wish to be an ass but..
    Really? Plugin developers tend to ask this as an hourly wage. You expect a full plugin, with your own specific name and advertisement on the thread pointing towards your server?
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    Also, I don't think you'd be allowed to advertise servers on a Plugin thread.
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    Or you can keep it private. I'm not looking for professionals, hence the low amount of money I'm offering. I'm looking for people who do this as a hobby and the money is just a small reward. If no one shows interest in a week, I'll up the reward for the job.
    Edit: Scratch the advertisement then, just keep the name.
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    I could give it a try! I can use the code of one of my other plugins, which is similar to a warp plugin. Adding all those extra features should'nt be that hard.
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    Alright. First one to send in an alpha version gets the job.

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