Filled RealMine, a harder, more rewarding mining experience.

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by EnderTheXeno, May 17, 2015.

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    Plugin category: General/Role Play

    Suggested name: RealMine

    What I want: I believe getting stone/cobblestone/ores in Minecraft is too easy. I would like a plugin that:

    - When a miner goes to break a stone block there is a percentage chance (75%) it will fail and the stone will turn into cobblestone on the map, then if failed again, a gravel block where the cobblestone block was.

    -Mining ore will have a percentage chance (75%) to fail and the ore will turn into cobblestone where it is in the map.

    - You should be able to level up your ability which makes the chance lower, but even at the highest level (level 10) I would still like a 10% chance to fail stone breaking and 20% for ore.

    Ideas for commands: No commands are needed.

    Ideas for permissions: N/A

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible.

    I do not believe that mcmmo or Skillz will work because they specialize in making the player get better than normal while what I want wishes to make the player worse than normal and then not able to get back to normal breaking even at a high level.
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    This is a sick plugin idea!
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    Thank you! I think the community needs plugins that can make the game harder in unique ways.
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    I would code it, if i knew how aha :p
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    Yeah, coding is hard, at least for me
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    Awesome idea! I will attempt to create this!
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    Thank you so much!
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    Any updates on the plugin?
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    I might do this tomorrow :)
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    Rascal Two

    I could make this plugin, but I don't want to be rude and make a plugin after somebody already had already said they'd make it. If @Dirtcraft24 doesn't respond or anything by Friday though I'll could start making it - hope waiting until friday will allow me to avoid being frowned upon.
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    Thank you! and yeah, I would say that sounds reasonable unless he gets back to me and says he will no longer be working on it!
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    as for your current Idea, i think its great, if it wont get finished by some reason i might give this a try too.

    Now comming to your idea, I would make this work on every stone like block. I dont know whether you can check if a block is still the one generated by the world generator, but if thats possible you could make the plugin check if the block is a generated one, and if the block is generated it will have a default possibility to drop any material (like 0.05% diamond, gold, ...) And if you mine a diamond ore you will have an increased chance to mine diamonds from that block.
    same for iron, your chance to drop iron increases, but there is also the possibility that it will drop diamond, even tho you mined iron. The chance to drop specific materials could also be made diffrent for each biome or the current height of the player or whether the player is 60 blocks deep under ground or just 5.

    I just looked up the possibility to find out if a block was generated, you can, but the way to get there is pretty complicated, and when doing this you will need to address memory leaks and make shure your plugin dosen't take up too much memory when running for a long time.
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    I might start work on this if no one else finishes first!
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    @Rascal Two He never got back to me, so if you would like you could begin working on it!
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    Rascal Two

    @EnderTheXeno OK, I'll start now :) Probably have it finished tomorrow or the next day :)
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    @EnderTheXeno I have completed everything but the leveling for now. You can download it at

    Edit: I've added XP based leveling, with the ability for just a player to level up with /rmlevel. I will be adding it so console and ops can force level a player

    Edit 2: If you want to be able to level up a player forcefully without XP you can do /rmlevel <player> if you have the permission node realmine.forcelevel
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    Rascal Two

    Haha yea @TeddyTheTeddy beat me too it also, nearly had it finished.
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