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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by wdele, Oct 13, 2013.

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    Hi everyone,

    I have a big problem.
    I have my own server running on Bukkit, and I use Multiverse for multiple worlds.
    However, there are many problems with The End with Multiverse.
    I've created a portal to The End (not an end portal, but a portal using Multiverse Portals).
    Now, I'm trapped!
    I killed the Ender Dragon, but I can't get out of the end.
    When I enter the exit portal, at the end of the end story, I will be teleported back to the end, not to the spawn.
    I cannot execute any commands (via the console, the only thing I can do is: gm 1 wdele18).

    Things I've already tried:

    1. Fall to the end of the world, but I can't because quickly I will get stuck.
    2. Use the /kill command (in the console), but doesn't work. "Error: null"
    3. Ban myself, unban myself and rejoin the server.
    4. Delete my player file (plugins/Essentials/userdata), but it will get regenerated when I join the server with the property: "world: world_the_end".
    5. Restart the server and rejoin it.
    6. Reload the server and rejoin it.
    7. Kill myself using lava and/or fire, but I won't get killed... I'm on survival and not on god mode.
    But none of them work. Even not /spawn! When I try to execute a command in-game, it will just do nothing, like I didn't enter a command...
    I'm trapped in The End!
    How can I get out?
    Thank you SO much!
    Have a great day,

    Edit: oh, great, now I did fall out of the world.
    But it won't teleport me back!

    I'm so happy!
    What I did to escape the end:

    - delete the folder world_the_end
    - reload the server
    - stop the server
    - start the server
    - execute the command /spawn

    I can execute commands and everything is back to normal!

    Essentials doesnt keep your position, your player.dat file at the main world file does.
    Also do you still have the /kill problem? if yes, type /ess debug, do /kill again and paste console please.

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  2. Next time just delete the player.dat file located in your world file, so you don't lose builds in the end!
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