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Discussion in 'General Help' started by phaedos, Apr 11, 2015.

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    so I've been staffing a bigdig server for a while and the server went down for about an hour or two last night and i went to play some other games, but when i came back i was starting up the game and i jumped in the teamspeak for the server and everyone was saying the server was up so when the game finally loaded up i saw that the server was down and when i tried to log in just to see if it was a glitch and it said connection refused:connect so i re-entered the ip a couple times and nothing helped, so i restarted my laptop and my router and nothing would fix it. so i remembered that i had migrated my account a couple hours earlier so i did some research on that and i found some people that where having simmer issues but i concluded that that wasn't it. so i really cant figure out what the problem is because everyone else can connect except for me and the server owner cant help because his computer broke. and i am about as incompetent as you could be with networking and that's why i don't run my own server, so if you have an explanation then please go through it in the most simple way possible.
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    This may work:

    Close Minecraft.

    Locate your .minecraft folder in %AppData%

    Next, backup that folder to somewhere you'll remember such as your desktop.

    Now delete your .minecraft folder from %AppData%

    Open Minecraft and try connecting to the server.

    If this doesn't work then close Minecraft, delete your new .minecraft folder, and replace it with the backup.
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